Streaming services – The shift that was coming


Whether we accept it or not, it’s hard to deny the huge shift that was coming in the streaming/viewing industry. For years, the predominant platform for viewing your favourite shows was Tv/cable services and these services had a huge monopoly for a long period of time. All that was about to change in the 2000s when streaming services were first introduced to the consumers.

Now, like every new thing that was ever introduced to the people, streaming services too took their time to gain popularity among consumers as most still preferred conventional Tv services. But as time progressed and slowly the content provided by these services started outshining those available in Tv services, the huge shift was almost about to take place.

The Pandemic

2020 saw humanity hit by one of the worst pandemics ever to have been recorded in history. Millions of people were as a result forced to stay within their houses under lock-down for several months which is continuing till this date. As a result, people started seeking out new ideas to keep themselves entertained through these times and this is when streaming services saw a boom in their demand.

These streaming services saw a huge increase in their users during these times and also during that time people came to appreciate how superior these services are to what they used to use before.

Below are a few listed reasons why streaming services are as popular as they are these days.

1. A massive Library of content

We know, before streaming services came into being, Tv also provided a good amount of content to view and many would argue they still do but where streaming services like Xcine outshine them is the various genres the user can choose to view from. From horror to romance to infotainment to documentaries, you say it all streaming services have you covered. Since people got this flexibility, they started shifting more towards streaming services.

2. Catering to the modern and current topics

Some would argue, the quality of content these services provide is not up to par with those Tv services provide. But in reality, as we have come to know, Streaming services apart from covering your generic topics do also have content on modern and trending topics too, so users get to view shows which are relevant now too. In general, the quality of content these services provide has already overtaken those provided by Tv services. So not only are you getting a lot of content but also quality content.

3. Ease of use

Streaming services provide flexibilities to customers which were unheard of before. Customers now can view their favourite shows at their own convenience. They are not restricted by any time frame nor are they scared of missing out on any content as the content is always available.

Not only that, now they don’t even need to download their favourite shows which would have had taken up some internet bandwidth as well as memory space to store those shows on their device.

All they need to do is have access to these services and now can stream all their favourite shows within a blink of an eye without worrying about downloading.

This was also one of the major benefits of streaming services which drew in a large mass of customers into using these services.

Now if we start listing all the reasons, why this seismic shift into using streaming services is happening, this article would fall short of mentioning it all. But we saw how as time and technology progressed, more and more people have started using these services more and more. So, why wait?


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