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Drug and alcohol-based dependencies have become a common occurrence in this day and age. The user experiences massive euphoria and seemingly a state of greater efficiency at work for the first few months. But, slowly as the level of tolerance grows, so does the usage regularity and the addiction-related physio-chemical effects. The only way to help out an addicted individual is to identify addiction signs and get treatment at a professional rehab center.

Addiction – The general idea

Addiction is the physical and the psychological need for an external substance despite the harmful implications of the use in the long run. However, since every individual is constitutionally different, the effects, symptoms, and experience vary from person to person. Even though the signs might not appear in every case, it is still extremely crucial to look out for a few of them for the early identification of addiction related problems. Keep in mind that the identification is only the first step. The next step is looking for a rehab centers directory online to schedule an appointment, which will lead to the treatment.


But before we go any further, here is a list of symptoms you should watch out for.


Cravings are either conscious or unconscious thought processes that make the individual want and use the substance. This is the central feature of every addiction.


Tolerance builds up with prolonged usage of the same drug, which leads to increasing the dose.

Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal is the physiological and psychological symptoms that occur when the addicted individual suddenly stops using the drug. The occurrence of withdrawal symptoms is usually indicative of a high level of tolerance.

Effect on judgment

An addicted individual will also suffer from a lack of judgment, which will lead him/her into making poor choices concerning career, personal preferences, and family life.

Financial trouble

Addicted individuals often end up with serious financial troubles and difficulties. According to addiction center experts, a persistent financial emergency is usually a red flag when it comes to addiction.

Shirking responsibilities

There is a social pattern that addicted individuals fall back on to get around their addiction troubles. The first is the social isolation and development of a few unhealthy friendships and clinical depression, and shirking of professional/personal obligations.

Now, it is time to take a look at the treatment options available.

The solution

Addiction troubles always require professional guidance and set-up to remove dependency from the physical and mental system. However, more often than not, individuals tend to avoid rehab due to the stigma, money problems, or denial. When it comes to rehabilitation options, there are two effective options.


The outpatient option is the clinic facility where you are allowed to go home after receiving the treatment. This is the best option if you are accountable, and you have other responsibilities while undergoing the treatment. Keep in mind that the intensity of treatment at outpatient clinics might vary, but the therapy protocols will remain more or less similar to the following.

  • Detoxification

  • Medication, as and when necessary

  • Group therapy sessions

  • Personalized therapy sessions

  • Relapse prevention support

  • Aftercare


For severe cases of addiction and personality altering effects, you should look for an inpatient drug rehab in Texas. This residential form of treatment requires the patients to live at the facility for the treatment duration. It is the preferred option when individuals want to get away from the temptations and habits altogether.

Inpatient drug rehab allows you to focus on getting sober without any distraction and under 24-7 medical supervision. Keep in mind that another added advantage of inpatient drug rehab is that often stories of successes from other patients offer hope and inspiration to quit substance abuse altogether.

Here are the features of an inpatient drug rehab.

  • A safe environment for recovery

  • Support groups and group therapy for a holistic approach

  • Detoxification under medical supervision

  • Medicine assisted treatment

  • Individual and group therapies

  • Activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise to treat the mind better

  • Outings to movies and restaurants

  • Family weekends and family therapy

However, there might be extra programs at the inpatient rehab center of your choice, but it is essential to join a program that follows the FDA approved 12-step de-addiction program. Various alternate therapy options are available at multiple top-rated luxury rehabilitation centers that include horseback riding, spa, supervised detox, and art therapy.

It is essential to remember that enrolling at a rehabilitation center is half the work done. You will get all the necessary assistance and medical care when treating the withdrawal symptoms and the associated problems with medically approved guidance. So, before your life spiral out of control, this is your chance to take back the power. All the best!

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