Strongest CBD Oil in the UK

Lovers of CBD will likely find themselves at the same crossroads at some point. You will have been using CBD for a while now, and even found a few brands that you particularly like.

However, after a short while, you will find yourself wanting more reliable and stronger varieties of CBD oil. No longer will the lower levels of CBD oil suit your sophisticated palate. But where are you supposed to go to get the most reliable CBD oil UK? The best CBD oil in the UK is sometimes challenging to track down.  

Here is some of the most potent CBD oil available in the UK.

Love Hemp CBD

Love Hemp is a very well-known CBD brand in the UK, offering up a vast range of different exciting CBD products.

However, for those that want only the very most durable CBD possible, they offer something extraordinary, Love Hemp’s 40% CBD oil is a small vial of regular-sized CBD oil, except it contains a whopping 4000mg of CBD.

Made from full-spectrum CBD and preserved in MCT carrier oil, which typically means coconut oil, this CBD is for those that want as much CBD as possible, as fast as possible.

Like all Love Hemp products, this CBD oil is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality and is even vegan friendly as well. It comes with a delicious, yet surprisingly muted, peppermint flavor that is totally an option if you prefer your CBD oil completely tasteless.

Love Hemp is renowned not only for its high quality, but for its unadulterated content and its trustworthy cannabinoid content. So, if you love higher strength CBD than is typically available in most CBD retail stores, then definitely give Love Hemp a try.

CannabiGold Intense

CannabiGold is an option for those that want something just a little bit more flavorful while still containing plenty of CBD.

CannabiGold Intense is a 25% CBD oil solution, containing 3000mg of CBD in each 12ml serving. In contrast to the Love Hemp CBD, with its coconut oil and peppermint flavor, CannabiGold offers up its CBD with hemp seed oil. This gives it a rich, nutty flavor profile that works well to help make taking CBD a more pleasant experience.

It has a strong flavor and an intense mouthfeel, almost like you can actually feel the other cannabinoids on your tongue. It is, of course, tested in third-party labs for authenticity, so that you know it is precisely what it claims to be.

While this brand is made in Poland, its products are available all over the UK and are definitely an excellent option for a more hemp-focused flavor profile. It might not have as big a CBD load, but it is still certainly an excellent choice for healthy CBD lovers.

Plus, it somehow manages to avoid any kind of bitterness, which is a massive achievement for potent CBD oil.


Elixinol is a strange addition to this list because it is not actually the UK or even a European company at all. With its headquarters based in California, it only has an office here in the UK, but it still ships all over the British isles.

Their most potent CBD oil is a 3600mg CBD oil bottle and comes in two different flavors; Natural or Cinnamint. This lovely, if slightly pungent flavor profile is a great addition and helps contrast with the relative bitterness of typically potent CBD oil.

Of course, like any great CBD brand, Elixinol ensures that its products contain precisely what they claim to thanks to third party testing. Plus, this ensures that it will never cross over into the dangerous territory of having too much THC for the UK’s harsh cannabis laws.

Final Thoughts on the Strongest CBD Oil in the UK

There are all kinds of helpful websites out there like WayofLeaf that offer concrete and valuable information about CBD brands, but not all of them will remind you of one simple fact; you need to be careful.

When buying a potent CBD oil in the UK, you need to ensure that the CBD oil itself does not accidentally break THC limitations in the UK.

While many other countries and US states require less than 0.3% THC content to be legal, the UK is harsher. The UK requires less than 0.2% THC content, making many US branded CBD oils not an option for those in the UK.

So, whether you are shopping for the most potent stuff possible or you just want to try out new and exciting brands, make sure you are careful. With more CBD content can also come more incidental THC content, and you do not want to find yourself accidentally breaking UK law to get some CBD.