Study in Australia: What You Must Know


I think that few students given the opportunity to study in Australia would refuse to fly to this kangaroo country. Surfing after school or going on a road trip on weekends, it gets worse. Pursuing, validating or continuing your school or university course in Australia is more accessible than it seems. Studying in Austrralia also allows you to extend your trip to Oceania after a Working Holiday Visa. In fact, Australian schools and universities are attracting more and more international students, as Australia is the third favorite study destination for interantional students across the world.

Obviously, studying on the other side of the globe requires a certain budget for tuition fees. But beyond the “quality” aspect of the level of education, it is also and above all the Australian way of life that appeals a lot (beaches, surfing, road trips, sun … you get it).

Why study in Australia?

As I said, Australia (behind the United States and the United Kingdom) is on the list of the most popular student destinations. Nearly 300,000 international students have traveled to Australia (universities, exchange programs, colleges, etc.).

It’s also and above all for the quality of life and personal growth that Australia and its people bring. It may sound “silly” to say, but the climate plays an important role in morale. Life in Australia is more relaxed and laid back. School programs are more flexible and you generally have a lot of freedom in defining your course, options, disciplines, etc. It leaves more free time for playing sports, going to the beach and more.

Which visas to study in Australia?

Once you have made up your mind, and have found the best time to travel to Australia. You have to choose the right visa. There are mainly 3 visas that can allow you to study on the mainland country.

Note: always apply for a visa on the official Australian Home Affairs official website. Or via recognized and certified agencies which can help you in the process. Tourist visas and Working Holiday Visa (PVT) are fairly easy to obtain on your own. But the administrative procedures are more complicated for the student visa. But you don’t have to worry. Things will become easy if you contact the most trusted student visa agent sydney

Studying with the Tourist Visa

Well, logically enough, you will be limited with this visa. You can study in Australia for a maximum of 3 months. But you cannot claim enrollment in school courses or universities as such. This visa is especially suitable for taking English courses or enrolling in a language school, which I will talk about a little below. You also can’t work with this visa, but you can volunteer in Australia as long as you don’t earn any money.

The Working Holiday Visa to study in Australia

Also called Working Holiday Visa (WHV), this visa allows you to travel and work for one year in Australia. But it also allows you to study for up to 4 months in Australia. You can also do a professional internship with this visa. This visa is ideal for getting away from your daily routine and living an adventure that may change your life. And your vision of travel as well as of our dear modern society (do I feel targeted? Yes.). You might also want to check out VietnamTrips will introduce to you the top 5 most famous places to visit for ecotourism in Vietnam today for something different as well as spectacular Halong Bay Vietnam.

Surfing in Australia

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The Student Visa for Australia

The student visa is by far the most suitable visa if the main reason for your stay in Australia is for school or university studies. Not only does it allow you to study locally for up to 5 years, but also to work 20 hours a week. While the student visa is the ideal visa to continue your studies a few kilometers from the white sand beaches and turquoise water, it is not the easiest to obtain.

Good to know that there is no age limit for the Australian student visa. Whether you are 6 years old or 64, you can apply for a student visa in Australia. This visa is also renewable as many times as you want as long as you can prove to the immigration department that you are a “genuine student”, therefore indeed a student. How do I get the student visa for Australia?

The student visa must first be officially accepted into an Australian school or university program. To do this, you have to put together an academic record, sometimes take English tests, have been accepted beforehand by an Australian school / university, etc. Important to know, the student visa is valid for the duration of your studies. Thus, if you are registered for one semester, your student visa will only be valid for 6 months. If you are registered for a bachelor (3 years), it will be for 3 years, etc. In particular, you must have paid the school fees, and obtain a CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment) number before applying for a visa.

For any questions relating to obtaining this visa, and more generally, studying in Australia, I advise you to go to on which site you can find an agent to help you apply for your studentvisa.

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