Styling Ideas for Your Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi pre-wedding ritual is an important Indian wedding ceremony. Although it is a private affair that is among family members and close friends. It is important to pay attention to it especially as a bride to look your best to have beautiful pictures for great memories of your Haldi. Just like the Holi ceremony, some brides turn this ceremony to a Haldi Holi fun only that the turmeric paste is what is used other than the Holi colors. The outfit the bride wears to her Haldi is important from the traditional sarees, suits with embroidered dupattas to the modern and trendy outfits that blend well with the theme of the event and are as per the bride’s taste.

The Saree choice

The Saree is always considered the attire for any traditional Indian ceremony by most brides. Sarees make for the best Haldi outfits. However, you can choose a gown, indo-western outfit or a yellow velvet saree if you want to follow the norm but go fresh on the fabric. Ensure it is a plain yellow for this is the Haldi color theme and ensure you style it beautifully and accessorize well to have a perfect finish. Use pins to drape it to avoid the anxiousness of it falling or holding well as you get your Haldi applied. Some daring brides go for the white saree since they find it easier to bleach it back to normal and still be able to wear the saree again after the Haldi ceremony.

A different color

Although yellow is the most popular Haldi color. You can experiment with other colors for it is not forbidden. This will make your Haldi unique and one that is talked about for some time. White is one of the colors that is a second choice and has the Haldi strokes applied and seen on your white outfit. However, this is not for all brides just a few risk-takers. It is important to have a yellow color in part of your outfit to blend well with the ritual. Some examples are blue suit with yellow dupatta, a green Lehenga with a yellow blouse, a white kurta with yellow dhoti pants. among many other traditionally contrasting blends.

Prints and embroidery with a twist

Do not forget your prints and embroidery can be adorned for your Haldi ceremony. While others are wearing plain yellow designs with contrasting colors. Shine through as a bride in print and embroidery in the perfect Indian prints or the new age prints if you are aiming to bring some modern pieces as an add on to your outfit. It is important to note that the prints are best adorned if your Haldi is a morning affair. The outfit you choose can also have a yellow with a twist. Instead of going for the old age yellow color. Choose other shades such as lemon yellow, mango yellow or neon yellow to just turn it around a bit.

Make-up and hairstyles

These two are also crucial to be noted for the Haldi ceremony. For the makeup, as much as your face will be applied Haldi strokes with various people. It is important to do your usual morning routine and do minimal makeup to just brush your brows, moisturize and get some eyeliner on. It is easier to focus on your eyes to not look too plain remember photos are still being captured for this ceremony. Your hairstyle should also not be all over to avoid a lot of Haldi on it. Have it as a ponytail and accessorize with a flower tiara to protect your hairline, braid it or have it in a bun with a mogra to accessorize and these simple stylish looks are perfect for this event.

Arms and Feet

For your arms, let them stay bare and the feet too for in most cases you do not require any footwear. Because the Haldi is applied on your face, hands, and feet and your outfit should allow you to have these three areas be in a position to be applied. A sleeveless outfit with a backless design is a good choice and low hemlines work best. The footwear choice if necessary go for the comfortable jootis that match well with the Haldi traditional attires or go barefoot as the Haldi is held at your home you can just add a floral anklet or floral sandals to spruce up how your feet look.

Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and the Haldi ceremony do not flow well together. As much as it is a wedding ceremony with all the fun and laughter. Go minimal or no jewelry on your Mehendi or Haldi ceremonies. since they can easily get ruined and therefore this is where floral jewelry is considered best to be used and also it helps to have a jewelry free picture wedding look. Other things that you should avoid are accessories such as bags ad clutches. First, since the ceremony is at home you do not need a bag on you. Plus, you do not want your designer bag or messed up in Haldi stains and not be able to use it again.

Conclusively, do not overthink much and go too dressy or pricey for your Haldi ceremony outfit since chances are high that they will get ruined. Plus, choose white for it can easily be bleached to get rid of the stain with ease but yellow is best for the stain will not stand out as much. All in all, do not still assume your Haldi outfit and wear anything, this is your one and only Haldi ceremony. Another great way to go for your Haldi is making a DIY outfit and accessories as a theme you would want for that ceremony. This will make it fun for everyone and cut a lot of costs that you may incur in having to purchase some of the necessities of the ceremony. However, with this unique personal touch ensure that you ask friends and family for help for you cannot do it all by yourself.