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David Quayle and Richard Block established the British home improvement retailer B&Q in 1969. In addition to an online store, there are already more than 300 locations countrywide. The store is renowned for carrying a large variety of home improvement supplies in a range of sizes and shapes. Collections include furniture, tiling, flooring, lighting, hardware, and electricals in addition to kitchen, bathroom, and garden purchases. Appliances including stoves, washers, freezers, and tumble dryers are also available.

B&Q offers thousands of home improvement products, whether you’re wanting to purchase paint for interior decoration or design a whole remodel. anything from bathroom suites, storage facilities, and summer homes to pipelines, heating systems, and screw fittings.

On the website, you can find more than 40,000 DIY products at fantastic prices, making B&Q the biggest home improvement and garden shop in the UK. Use B&Q coupons and cashback offers to save money on your upcoming project.

Black friday Savings

Whatever project you’re working on, B&Q UK’s outdoor and garden, kitchen & bathroom, tiling & flooring, and construction & hardware categories, among others, are likely to have everything you need. To find B&Q sale savings, browse by room or search B&Q clearance products. You can also check to see if there are any Black Friday bargains and discounts on specific items.

DIY items are discounted by up to 60% at regular low prices

DIY items are discounted by up to 60% at regular low prices

Check out the summer preparation alternatives for this summer, including the outdoor paint, flooring, kitchens, interior paints, building materials, outdoor power tools, decking, pavement, and BBQs. This season, update your home and garden with the incredible selection of outdoor furniture for leisure and gardening that is available for purchase at fantastic prices, in a wide choice of styles, wood finishes, and painted finishes to fit your preferences. Discover the entire collection of outdoor furniture, including rattan effect furniture sets, garden furniture sets, sitting and dining areas, tables, hot tubs and spas, gazebos, parasols, home bars, garden heating, fire pits, outdoor cushions, rugs, and lights.

Since B&Q has been supplying tools, supplies, and know-how to help people enhance their houses for more than 50 years, these items are more than just bricks and mortar to us. According to a recent survey, the majority of the British public shares their fervent belief that everyone can improve their property and hence change their lives. Nine out of ten respondents claimed that having a home improves one’s quality of life. They discovered that a home is genuinely a sanctuary and that the most requested life-improving projects are gardening and decorating.

B&Q supports the utilisation of space, a balance of comfort and usefulness, and ease of upkeep and improvement in dwellings. They accomplish this by combining project concepts that, in the company’s opinion, are innovative, supported by professionals, and creatively solved. has a staff of 27, 000 colleagues that offer clients guidance and support, and they have a selection of about 40, 000 products.

The company’s well-known orange brand is also environmentally friendly because they are committed to providing a service that is as sustainable as possible. They also give customers the choice to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

Types of goods available for purchase

  • Products for landscaping, fashion and leisure, growing things, and building are included in the outside and garden category.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom – B&Q has everything you need for your kitchen, including cabinets, sinks, and bar stools, as well as your bathroom necessities, including showers, toilets, and basins.
  • Browse a wide selection of furniture for the home and bedroom, as well as storage and shelving, in this category.
  • Building and Hardware is a category that includes time and sheet materials, hardware, and building supplies.
  • Painting and Decorating: If you’re looking for paint, stains, varnishes, decorating supplies, tools, or even wallpaper and wall coverings, this is the category where you’ll discover everything you need to make your house seem better.
  • Tools and Equipment: The company offers a large range of Tools and Equipment for you to pick from, including hand tools, car maintenance items, and power tools including drills, multitools, and saws.
  • Lighting and Electrical – This area includes everything you require for your lighting and electrical needs as well as for the safety and security of your house.
  • Tiling and Flooring – Find the Tiling and Flooring of your choosing under this category, including vinyl, solid wood, wall tiles, floor tiles, tiling tools, and trimmings.
  • Radiators, fires, stoves, and electrical heating and plumbing equipment can be found in this area under the heading “Heating and Plumbing.”

They provide solid service and a large selection of merchandise with reasonably priced home delivery. In order to offer affordable costs on sheds, doors, tiles, plants, lumber, garden furniture, and garden supplies for outdoor projects as well as materials for kitchens, bathrooms, and general home remodelling, has formed ties with suppliers and manufacturers. The most recent smart technology is sold by B&Q, which also uses eco-friendly business practices, contactless delivery, and strict COVID-19 security measures to keep clients safe.


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