Substance Abuse: Why a Gender-Specific Program Is Important


We can all agree that substance abuse is considered a nightmare not only for men but also for women. But if we delve deeply and research more, we would know that there are significant differences in the development of addiction according to gender. The difference can be in line with their personal experience, how the society sees and treats them, and most essentially their different medication needs, detox, and recovery programs. In this article, we’ll take a look at the major distinction of how men and women deal with substance abuse and disorders. We’ll also learn the importance of a gender-specific addiction program from an alcohol rehab center or alcohol detox center.

Men and Addiction

Despite factors like race, age, and social status, statistics still reveal that men use illegal drugs and alcohol more often compared to women. That is even we consider the fact that women are more prone to substance abuse than men. Also, men’s addiction starts for various reasons when compared to their gender opposites. A lot of teenage boys are drawn into substance abuse due to peer pressure. It could be their sports team, fraternities, or a social rite of passage that encourages them to use drugs or alcohol.

Males in general start indulging in drinking at a younger age than of females. Most men think that alcohol consumption is just normal and there’s nothing wrong with it, this way of thinking is more likely to cause addiction for men. Since alcohol and drug use is more prevalent to males, they are the gender that often develops substance abuse-related disorders.

Male Psychology

We all know that women are more prone to abuse than men but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any males who experienced the same. Because of social norms, a lot of men are not speaking about their abuse even if they have some history of sexual, mental, or physical abuse. They often feel that it’s not manly to talk about those issues and afraid that people will lose respect from them because of it. Being silent about their inner scars has been the main reason why a lot of men are resorting to suicide.

Male, usually feel an extreme feeling of shame to deal with emotional and mental problems. Since it’s hard for them to accept that they need help, many men don’t seek medical counseling or behavioral treatments on their substance abuse problems. Oftentimes, when a male will be in treatment or counseling for addiction treatment, they struggle to open up about what they feel.

Men’s Addiction Recovery

Males generally needs an alternative approach when dealing with their substance abuse problems. An alcohol rehab center believes that there are some specific programs for Men that includes programs that address possible communication gap.

The gender-sensitive approach is important to address effective communication in handling male and it’s important for them to have a counsel that have appropriate skills to manage complicated emotions. Men are more unpredictable compared to women, so if you are seeking treatment for your dad, son or brother make sure to look for recovery clinics that address PTSD, anger management, sexual issues, and mental health like a Men’s clinic/

Same with women, an all-men group therapy together with a motivational leader is considered important and effective. Structured recreational activities like sports with a peer support system is also highly recommended for a speedy recovery process.

Women and Addiction

Nowadays, we better understand that there’s a lot of biological variation between the two genders that significantly impact on how addiction develops. Let’s first talk about women:


Compared to men, women can be more alcohol dependent in a faster timeframe on a much lesser dosage in comparison to men. The scientific reason behind this is in general, a women’s body consists of more body fat compared to men. They also have a lower water volume which can be helpful in diluting alcohol. Females also have a higher risk of developing health issues with substance abuse such as nerve damage and breast cancer on a faster time compared to the opposite sex.

Mental health

According to a recent case study, most women are prone to have a co-occurring addiction together with psychological health impacts. Females often meet the criteria for depression, anxiety, stress, PSTD, eating disorders, and many other psychological conditions. Also, even if we look at worldwide data statistics, women are the common victims of physical, sexual, and other forms of abuse. They are the ones who are more likely to experience interpersonal violence or harm.

Another fact to consider is the rate of sexual abuse from childhood to the adult stage is higher in females in comparison to males. Those experiences may contribute a powerful impact on the help they will be needing on their cleansing period or recovery.

Recommended Addiction Recovery Treatment For Women

Addiction treatment for women generally needs a plan that includes their mental well-being. A trauma-specified intervention program usually acknowledges the relationship between the trauma and the symptoms of trauma. This is often the substance abuse for women, depression, anxiety, and mental health problems.

Social Judgement

Indeed, the most difficult part for women who deal with addiction is how society judges them. We all know by now that many females are stigmatized because of their addictive conditions. On most recovery treatment sessions and forums, we’ve learned that women are most likely to feel shame, remorse, and guilt about their substance abuse condition. The feelings can be co-related to a gender-specific role associated with women as care providers. Having one or both parents who also experienced an addiction problem tends to be a contributing factor for women to develop substance abuse problems

If you are searching for the best recovery treatment for the most precious ladies in your life, whether it’s your mother, sister, or daughter, opt for programs that tailor-fits their needs and the struggles that they might be in. There are treatment programs that are “women exclusive” and features strong women leaders that empower and motivate struggling women. It’s also important that they have the right peer support and have a circle of support system who has the same addiction stories and have won the battle against substance abuse.

Why the Gender-Specific programs are essential

Yes, we can all agree that there’s a great disparity between the two genders. From physical, mental, emotional to social factors so it’s essential to address those differences and use the right approach for treatment and recovery. A positive clinical outcome and the road to recovery is made more possible with more specialized and specific care.

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Why the Gender-Specific programs are essential

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