Sugar Babies: Unveiling The Dark Side of Sugar Dating


Though ‘sugar daddies’ is a term almost universally known, the concept of ‘sugar babies’ is a newer concept. Basically, a sugar baby is the person a sugar daddy dates. The sugar baby tends to be younger than the sugar daddy and gives the sugar daddy time, attention, and usually sexual favors, in return for gifts and/or monetary support.

Sugar dating is not an uncommon arrangement and it sometimes works for both parties involved. However, it can sometimes turn dark for either one or both parties involved. Here is the dark side of sugar dating.

What The Sophie Kovic Situation Taught Us

Sophie Kovic started Seed & Sprout, an entrepreneurial endeavor aimed at procuring and selling organic, non-toxic products to enhance healthy living. Unfortunately, her business was in trouble financially and she made the decision to supplement her income by returning to an endeavor she’d been involved in earlier in her life: sugar dating.

After eight months of a sugar dating relationship, her sugar daddy decided to write about their time together as a cautionary tale. When Sophie Kovic started Seed & Sprout, she likely did not imagine she would return to a sugar dating lifestyle. However, the financial problems with her company as well as her need for drama and a deep-seated unhappiness drove her to once again pursue a double life.

Why Do People Become Sugar Babies?

There are multiple reasons why someone would become involved in a sugar dating relationship. The sugar baby may be in desperate need of money and feels the only way they can earn it is to enter into a sex worker type of arrangement. Other reasons may include the desire for expensive trips, gifts, and a luxury lifestyle they can’t afford by themselves. Still others suffer from low self-esteem or are self-sabotagers and believe no one could truly love and accept them for who they are, so they trade on their youth and beauty to try to make themselves feel worthy.

The Dark Side of Sugar Dating

Not all sugar dating relationships turn into disasters. Some sugar daddies and their sugar babies agree to an arrangement that suits them both and they are happy with the amount of time they spend together. Others, however, can become dark and damage one or both partners. Sugar dating can slip into the realm of sexual exploitation and/or manipulation. If one person in the relationship wants to end their involvement, the other person can also resort to harassment, blackmail, or even sexual assault in an attempt to get what they want.

Sophie Kovic’s sugar dating turned dark because she led a double life as a sugar baby, lying to her partner and to her sugar daddy. As her compulsive lying and need for drama spiraled, it emotionally damaged her and everyone surrounding her.

Sugar Dating Takeaways

When Sophie Kovic started Seed & Sprout, she likely didn’t imagine she would need to return to the world of sugar dating to bolster her company financially. However, once she did become a sugar baby, she created a wake of destruction that many are still reeling from. Those who enter into a sugar dating relationship need to know why they are doing it, what their goals are, and communicate openly with the other party to ensure the arrangement doesn’t turn dark like Sophie Kovic’s did.

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