Summer Music Program: Learning to Play this Summer


With the academic year almost at an end, nothing excites a person more than being free all the time, but we all fall into that trap every time don’t we? We go into the summer and then catch ourselves 3 weeks in, having done nothing from what we planned to do before it started!

No more. This summer, you won’t just binge 4 series over the course of a single month, you’ll finally get to do that one thing that you’ve always dreamt of but never had the time to do, and now time is in abundance. Learn how to play music.

1. Learn to play the Piano

Piano is looked at as the base of almost all instruments, as the way it’s played is very straightforward and easy to grasp. Viewing someone playing a complex Mozart sonata may lead you to think that it’s difficult, when actually learning piano can be done with only a few weeks of practice! It won’t be long until those fine, emotion-filled melodies are played by your own hands.

2. Learning the Guitar

When entering the realm of stringed instruments, it always takes a couple of days for your fingertips to get used to the strings, and that’s natural. Soon, after your fingers have adjusted, you’ll figure out that learning guitar is an extremely easy task. It requires patience in order to play a song you’ve learned without a single mistake but guitar isn’t about playing flawlessly! It’s all about feeling free to explore the instrument and let it speak through you, expressing your emotions in melodies rather than words.

3. Learning the Saxophone

Ever seen a jazz performance? If you have, you’d know the magic the saxophone can bring to the ears of anyone listening. The instrument holds so much power and energy flowing through the person playing onto the ears of the people listening. Learning the saxophone would make every moment you have it with you more romantic, more energetic, way funkier and a lot more fun!

4. Learn the Ukulele

The first question that pops into the mind of a person who sees this instrument for the first time is always “is that a mini guitar?” and although it shares the same look as a tiny guitar, it achieves a totally different purpose. A ukulele is a small, easy-to-carry weapon of joy! It spreads happiness through any music played through it. It is by-far one of the easiest instruments to learn and it fits right into the summer vibe, especially on the beach!

5. Learn how to sing

A lot of time is spent during summers just thinking about what can be done rather than actually doing it. By making the decision to learn music over the summer, you’re also making a decision to pursue an entire new side of yourself within the context of music. By using your own voice as your instrument, you can learn how to understand music and use it to channel that knowledge into being capable of playing music and also singing it at the same time.

Summertime Goals

Isn’t that what we look forward to the most during summer? To just have fun! That’s what music is all about and enhancing your ability to play or understand it during the summer will just make for a more exciting time for whenever you’re in the mood to play/sing something.


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