Summer Nails Trends You Should Give a Shot This Summer


Summer comes with the urge to do many changes, with your nails being among them. It is also a good time for nail artists to showcase their talent or summer nails because most customers want the trending nail arts. If you are not yet sure of what to go for this summer, do not worry because we have many nail ideas for you to try.

These trends are borrowed from the 70s, but nail designers incorporate small changes to make them modern. You can also choose a color and pattern that you like and matches your skin. Some of the summer nails ideas you can try this summer are;

1. Minimalist Swirls

Minimalist swirls are trending nail art, and they are most common in summer. This nail art is easy to achieve, and you can also do it yourself. Besides, it is not picky with nail shape or length, and they look good on all people. The tools for getting swirls are also affordable. Buy nail polish and a striping brush from your nearest beauty store, and you are good to go.

2. Watermelon Swirls

You can flaunt your love for watermelon through your nail art. The watermelon swirls are also easy to achieve. You need a base coat and a nude milk polish. You can add the green and pink watermelon swirls using the stripper brush.

3. Sherbert Summer Nails

If you don’t want to try the swirls on your own but have them done by a professional, you can go for the sherbert nails. The nail artist makes a multi-colored swirl style on your short or long nails. However, this requires skill and patience, so it is not recommended for starters.

4. Checkered French Manicure

The French manicures have been in existence since the 90s and are still trending. However, there have been many experiments among nail artists and wearers, hence the birth of more modern French manicure styles. You can get bold nail tips or fun patterns of different colors like neon. You can also choose the nail shape you fancy and mix them to get the nail art design.

5. Clueless Split Set

The clueless split set is a borrowed nail art from the 90s. In a film named clueless, the character got her summer nails handpainted with a plaid pattern of the skirt suit she was wearing, and it has become a design to date. The nail artist uses a razor-thin brush to paint the patterns using nail gel polish. However, nail art requires an expert.

6. Cuffed Color Blocks

The 90s cuffed color blocks that involved outlining the tips with a metallic hue and having different shades and patterns on each nail are back. The nail artist combines the 90s vibes with a French manicure shape to get this style. The nails have different colors like yellow, sky blue, and bubblegum pink framed with gold lines.

7. 3D Jelly Rainbow Waves

You can try the 3D jelly rainbow waves on your nails before going to the beach. To add more beauty and drama to your nails, ask your stylist to pierce and add silver hoops to the last two nails.  This nail art cannot be done at home because it requires many materials and expertise. It is also safer when done on artificial summer nails and not your natural nails.

8. 3D Jelly Chrome And Stones

If you are looking for fancy summer nails art for the upcoming summer, try the 3D jelly chrome and stones. You can collect tiny stones at the beach or buy them at the bead shop. This nail art also looks great on short nails. Since it has been a trending style, many nail artists know the style.

9. Jelly French Tips

Have you tried transparent nail tips? This trending summer nails art is worth trying this summer. You can attempt different nail polish colors on the top nail and then add some jelly to the transparent tips to make them more fashionable. You can also try different shapes, like square or oval tips.

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