Summer Party Ideas


It’s nearly that time of the year again when the colder months are on the back shelf and friends and family can get together to enjoy the weather. No matter what part of the country you’re in, if the sun is out more often than not, then you can benefit from the following summer party ideas.

1. Dinner Party on your Property

When it comes to a dinner party, there are several options – but the best one by far is to have it outside. After all, summer’s here, and you can benefit from the added advantage of warm weather and open space in your backyard. By having it in the evening, you can take the opportunity to show off your new lighting scheme in the cool night air. For a backyard dinner party, it’s best to start in the late afternoon and plan for it to last for a few hours. This way, your guests can appreciate the summer decor in the daytime and still be there for the smooth transition to dusk.

2. Summer Camp: The Outdoors Life

With this one, you can go as in-depth as you like; if the surrounding area near your property is natural woodland, then it is even easier to set up your camping-oriented party. Alternatively, you can spend a little and bring the woodland feel to a mid-sized/large backyard by purchasing plants, elements of a wood-themed decor, and perhaps even a fire pit for the melted marshmallows that defined the camping trips of your youth. This is an especially attractive summer party idea for your children and their friends – but adults are graciously welcome. The icing on the cake would be a projector and a movie as the sun sets.

3. The Adult Summer Party Options

The only reason for the exclusionary nature of this summer party idea is the generous servings of alcohol that will be present. Depending on your specific tastes, you can opt for either a wine tasting party or a beer-tasting party – or, you can combine the two with separate makeshift stations for your guests. It’s summertime, after all, and the pinot noir has been patiently waiting on your shelf all year. Spice things up and make the party more interactive by allowing your guests to quickly leave ratings as they taste – enter votes on a tablet, or the traditional pen-and-paper method.

4. Barbeque in the Backyard


Let’s be honest: is there anything more efficient and yet fulfilling than a backyard BBQ? After all, the set up is simple, the preparations modest, and the feeling of good cheer, full bellies and camaraderie are priceless. You can find all manner of picnic grub choices online, or pick up bulk packages of your preferred meats at a discount from the local supermarket. It also represents an opportunity to decorate your backyard with lasting woodland elements. The range of possible themes varies far and wide; make sure to pick up tablecloths and paper plates to significantly minimize clean up after the party’s over.

5. The Perfect Summer Party Includes Ice Cream

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve likely been waiting all year for the encroaching heat – it’s the best reason of all to flaunt any dietary restrictions and stock up on the ice cream! You can even have a party exclusively dedicated to the cold treat; the multitude of possible flavors makes an ice cream bar set up in your backyard an absolute must. Give your kids – if you have any – free reign to decorate the backyard in preparation, and provide a color palette of options to match the different ice cream flavors that you intend to have present.

6. International Luncheon Potluck

This is the most inclusive of the spate of possible summer party ideas. Although it works particularly well if your neighbors and friends are from many walks of life and nationalities; this is not necessary to make it happen. If you’re American, for example, you can choose a Tex-Mex summer party scheme as an ode to our neighbors on either side of the border. Italian is also a good theme, as are Greek and West African cuisine. Dress for the weather and decorate the backyard with plants and flora indicative of the region you chose – assuming you want to go all-out for the party scene. With Tex-Mex, for example, you can set up a temporary nacho bar with the works – steak meat options, grilled chicken, cheese choices and condiments such as jalapeno peppers and chili. Make it a summer party to remember.

The options for throwing a memorable summer party are virtually limitless; take advantage of the warm outdoors as much as possible. Hopefully, this summer gathering carries you fondly through the rest of the year.

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