Summer Sale 2021: Buy Your Smart Keyless Door Lock Right Now


The smart keyless door lock has played an important role in homes, hotels, apartments, companies, and other places,bringing lots of security and convenience. The smart keyless door lock has become a popular smart home product, and it is popular with more and more people. Smonet door locks are on summer sale. You will get a big discount on their products.

Why is smart keyless door lock popular?

With the development of the economy and technology, people’s expectation of intelligent life has been realized. Smart keyless door lock helps to realize an intelligent and safe home life. The application of keyless smart locks in hotels and apartments reduces unnecessary management. As one of the useful smart home products, keyless smart lock helps people realize a more convenient life. As an affordable and practical smart home product, a keyless smart lock is welcomed by the public, hotels, and other related industries.

Are smart locks safe?

Just like other intelligent products, a smart keyless door lock has also been questioned about its security. Are smart locks safe? People don’t get tired of asking. Of course, this is understandable. No one wants to use unsafe products. Compared with traditional locks, a smart door lock is undoubtedly safer. If your home has ever been suffered loss by thieves, you will surely deeply feel the backwardness of traditional physical locks. You know, it’s easy to duplicate a key. In contrast, a smart keyless door lock has various unlocking methods and can realize remote monitoring. Smonet also supports viewing the open door history. The wifi door lock can bring you more security protection.

How can a smart keyless door lock benefit you?

Beautiful appearance

The keyless smart lock has various designs to give your building a more beautiful appearance. Smonet door lock has various designs to meet your needs of different styles. Whether it is a modern or retro-style building, you can always find a suitable smart door lock from Smonet.


High security is one of the characteristics of a smart keyless door lock. If you want to avoid being suffered lost by thieves or bad guys at home, a keyless smart lock is your best choice. The automatic door lock function and remote sharing function of the Smonet smart lock can also bring better security protection for companies, hotels, or apartments.



One of the characteristics of an intelligent lifestyle is convenience. The smart keyless door lock is synonymous with convenience. The smart keyless door lock has various unlocking methods, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the key when going out. You can share the lock password with your family or friends. And there is no need to worry about losing your key. Once you feel that your door lock is no longer safe, you can change the password of the keyless smart lock at any time.

Where to buy the best smart keyless door lock?

Smonet stands out among many wifi door lock brands due to its high-quality products and beautiful design. Smonet door locks can realize various unlocking methods, such as Bluetooth unlocking, password unlocking, gateway unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, IC card unlocking, and so on. Smonet smart lock has up to 500 timed, permanent, and one-time passcodes. You can also share your friends or families with eKeys, which they can access directly by downloading the TTLock App or Sciener App. Besides, you can realize remote control with Smonet smart lock.

Where to buy the best smart keyless door lock

Compared with other smart door lock brands,Smonet smart lock has long battery life. With its intuitive OLED display and zinc alloy body, Smonet smart lock can provide up to 5000 openings during half a year with 4pcs AA batteries. Moreover, Smonet smart lock can resist bad weather. The operating temperature range of this smart door lock is – 20 ~ 70 ℃. You don’t have to worry about the damage to the smart door lock caused by cold weather.

Smonet Summer Sale

Smonet is a professional smart lock company committed to creating the finest security products for consumers and business owners. Their products are on summer sale. From July 15 to July 31, 2021, they give a big discount on their products, including smart door locks, wifi gateways, cameras, video doorbells, etc. Besides, if you leave comments on your purchased Smonet products on the corresponding product page, they will offer you more discounts. Contact them for more information about smart keyless door locks!


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