Surprise Your Boyfriend This Year With These Funny Anniversary Ideas


Anniversaries are periods people make celebrations – from relationship anniversaries to marriage or even friendship. It is also a time that people in relationships come together to have fun and spend time together to keep the fire of their relationship burning.

However, it is not everybody that knows the best approach to use and surprise their partners. This article is for you if you need funny ideas to use and surprise your boyfriend this year. Let’s get into some of these ideas right away!

1. Sketch funny notes on unusual spots

You can write funny quotes for your boyfriend on your bathroom’s glass door on the morning of your anniversary celebration. Tiptoe into the washroom and use your finger to write something like, “your cock looks edible; I will eat it tonight” on the glass door while he is taking his bath. He will see you from inside and read it when he steps out of the bathroom. In addition to bringing a smile to his face, doing this will also make him know how attractive he is to you.

2.  Change his phone’s ringtone to a funny speech

Record a funny and romantic speech some days before your anniversary, then send it to your boyfriend’s phone and use it as his ringtone to commemorate your relationship anniversary. You can do this while he’s in the shower, the night before your anniversary celebration. If you cannot record a personal message, send a funny song to his phone and use it as his ringtone. His face will be full of laughter on hearing his new ringtone when you call him the next day to wish him a happy anniversary. Ensure to change the ringtone without his knowledge to achieve the desired results.

3. Buy a sex toy as a joke (or as a hint!)

What better way to bring a smile to your partner and maybe spice things up by buying a sex toy for your anniversary. Whether it’s a novelty toy that you’ll never use or this is finally your excuse to buy your own dildo the choice is yours. With more couples buying sex toys than ever its time to put aside the stigma and try something new. A recent study showed that couples who owned a sex toy had stronger relationships than those without thrusting dildos.

4. Set up a funny treasure hunt

It’s your anniversary, so setting up a funny treasure hunt for your boyfriend can give him two things – fun and laughter, and you don’t have to break the bank to do this. Arrange a treasure hunt for your man and drop clues he can follow to reach the treasures. You can use funny written cards, his favorite chocolate, his funny portraits and pictures, and a pair of shoes he has always wanted as the treasure. He will laugh whenever he locates a treasure and opens it to find a funny card or image of him instead of a regular gift item.

5. Purchase funny anniversary cards

It’s your anniversary, so buying an anniversary card for your boyfriend is in order. However, add a little humor to the idea by having a picture of what he will look like in old age drawn on the card. Buy an anniversary card for your boyfriend and give it to an artist to draw a funny face of him on the card. Seal the card in a gift envelope or bag to hide it properly. Laughter will be all over your boyfriend’s face when he opens the anniversary gift and sees a card with his depicted old-age look sketched on it.


Use these funny ideas to surprise your boyfriend during your anniversary celebration this year. Be creative and add things that will make the day memorable and bring more laughter to your boyfriend’s face.



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