Surprising Benefits Of Music You Didn’t Expect


We all love music but not everybody realizes how it can actually affect our brains, moods and general well-being – even our both physical and mental health. But what exactly can it do and how can it help you?

Music eases pain. It’s being used by doctors who focus on palliative medicine, that is preventing or relieving the pain of suffering patients. It’s widely used by, for example, people with cancer or arthritis and it’s documented that listening to music helps them respond better to treatment.

Music improves running and biking motivation. If you choose something that energizes you, you can actually run or bike more and harder than you normally do. That’s because you don’t focus as much on the activity itself.

Music helps you perform well under pressure. There was a study conducted among basketball players that proved the efficiency of listening to upbeat music before the game. If you have a big presentation or a challenging task, set yourself in the right mood beforehand.  For example, listening to classic beat music can be a fun and energizing.

Music helps before, after and even during surgery. First, if a patient listens to music before an operation, it helps him or her to relax and reduce stress. It also helps when they wake up after the surgery – it keeps them calm and stresses free. What about during surgery? Well, it’s not rare for the surgeons to listen to music while they’re performing surgery. It helps them to stay calm and focused.

To make sure you get the full music experience, consider investing in good headphones. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars – see the list of the best cheap headphones to find something that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

To know more about how music affects you and how it can help you, check out this infographic:

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