Surprising Developments in The Concert Industry This 2021

Concerts are the go-to form of entertainment for many people. The concert industry is one that is quite huge worldwide with a variety of music genres and thousands of artists creating unique work on a regular basis. At the start of 2020, everything was going as good as ever with the concert industry up until Covid-19 made an entrance, forcing everyone to go into lockdown and start enforcing social distancing rules. With people no longer being able to interact with each other like they used to or gather in crowded places, concerts took a hit. However, it was not the end of music just yet. Here are some of the most surprising developments in the concert industry this 2021. 

The New Normal

The impact of the pandemic on all sectors of the society has not been light. However, for the music industry, it has hit really hard. For some artists, performing live can be their only way of having regular income and sharing their art with the world. On the other hand, going to music events is like a religious ritual for some people, especially those who are loyal fans of certain artists. As the pandemic has been sweeping over the world, almost all live music events have been either canceled or delayed, making it a rough phase for artists as well as their fans. The venues that used to be packed with thousands of people can now be seen deserted for the foreseeable future. With lockdown being the new norm, it was essential for artists and music lovers to come up with effective solutions to stay connected to each other somehow. As we live in a golden age of technology, entertainers and their fans have started to learn how to adapt using various methods to help them stay in touch with their art. 

The Rise in AI Technology

Lockdown rules are not meant to be here forever. Eventually, after the pandemic clears out, live music gatherings should be held again and people would be able to enjoy their favorite form of entertainment along with their loved ones once more. That is why many artists chose to delay their concerts rather than cancel them entirely. For others, they do virtual concerts and sell their tickets using an event ticketing platform and try to host a similar experience to that of a real-life event. Artificial intelligence has paved the way for a variety of ways where music artists can still perform without any restrictions. For some of them, AI technology has actually made it better for them financially as they can now sell virtual tickets without any extra fees, which is also great for fans who would not have to pay excessive ticketing fees just to listen to their favorite musician. Nowadays, music fans and musicians can stay connected virtually using these methods:.

Live-Streaming Events

Nowadays, instead of going to a concert, the concert can come to you right where you are. Since almost everyone these days owns at least one smart device and has an internet connection, it has paved the way for live music to take a virtual turn. Musicians have been showcasing snippets of their work virtually for years now as social media platforms have been developing and gaining wider attention. In 2020, lockdown rules made musicians make the transition towards hosting live-streamed events where they can play their music from their own homes or from secluded venues to their fans who can be watching them anywhere in the world. These events can be free or ticketed depending on the artist’s preferences but the one sure thing is that they are much easier, and safer, to attend than any other regular concert these days. 

Live-Streaming Events

One on One Sing-Alongs

Not only has AI technology made it easier for musicians to play their music live for their fans, but it has also allowed them to directly interact with one another and have live one on one sing-alongs. Certain social media platforms and modern apps have made it easier for artists and their fans to have virtual conversations with one another just like connecting with a friend or a loved one, but instead of talking to your friend, you would be singing a duet with your favorite musician. You can think of it as your own private concert with you being a support singer or an instrument plaer. For many musicians, this has helped gain a lot more popularity and connect with their audience on a deeper level that nobody would have seen coming before 2020. 

Drive-Thru Concerts

Humans are social beings; and virtual reality cannot replace human interactions entirely forever. However, with social distancing rules still in place in a lot of places, people had to find a way to stay entertained without risking their own safety. For musicians, they needed to find a way to share their artwork with their followers without compromising the quality of their music over the internet. This is where the idea behind drive-thru concerts has developed. It is one of the most surprising and creative solutions to the issue of social distancing and big gatherings, especially those like in concerts or festivals. The idea is that people go to the outdoor music venue with their cars, park in an allocated spot, and listen to their favorite musicians while they play for them from a distance. This way, people get to see each other without having to crowd in a stuffed venue and risk each other’s safety. 

Live music is an ever so developing sector of art and entertainment that many people love with a passion. As the pandemic started taking over the world bit by bit, it has made it more difficult for people to gather in one place and listen to live concerts or enjoy festivals the way they used to before. Luckily, with developments in technology along with some creative solutions by individuals, people can now enjoy virtual music events or socially distanced ones without having to risk their safety. All you would need to do is tune in using your smart device or drive-thru with your vehicle and enjoy the new form of live music.