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Surrogacy has helped so many infertile couples have their baby. Additionally, it has helped so many infertile couples to a great extent. Even more, surrogacy is considered the real breakthrough reproductive medicine that works like magic. Furthermore, surrogacy has made so many families happy. As we all know, parenting is a great blessing and every couple deserves to have a child of their own. If the infertile couples don’t want to adopt a child or are unable to do so, they can have their own through surrogacy.

The couples must be happy as they can have their genetic baby through surrogacy. The couples can now listen to their baby’s laughter and grow with them. Thus the leihmutter agentur der feskov helps to fulfill the dreams of the infertile couples out there.

However, when we talk in numbers  about the feskov reproductive group then here is a list of some important digits:

  • Feskov’s clinic has helped in the birth of 18,000 healthy children which is an incredibly high birth rate.
  • There are altogether 52 countries where the children born through surrogacy by the fescov republic group live.
  • There are almost 23 qualified and professional scientists that work in the clinic for the provision and accomplishment of the perfect results.
  • The egg donor database comprises 10,000 people.

Why should you choose the fescov reproductive group?

Leihmutter agentur der feskov serves the customers with the best possible surrogacy results. The surrogate mother cooperates with the couples and helps in bearing a healthy child for them.

Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Experience

The Fescov reproductive group has been in this field since 1995. Moreover, thousands of Vitro fertilization procedures are completed by the fescov reproductive group.

  • Healthy children

The Fescov reproductive group has expertise in human genomics and PGD diagnostics that allow you to choose a healthy embryo. Besides, this allows you to prevent hereditary diseases that transfer to the baby.

A surrogate mother in Ukraine aka leihmutter Ukraine is the best surrogate mother so far and the services obtained by Ukraine surrogacy clinics are excellent. In addition to this, when it comes to Ukraine, you get extremely amazing offers from different surrogacy clinics. Additionally, the center offers extremely affordable and flexible payment procedures that any couple can afford.

Cost and price of surrogacy in Ukraine

In Ukraine, surrogacy started in 1983. Additionally, the first child born through surrogacy was done in the 1990s.

Even more, Leihmitter Ukraine charges a very low amount for bearing a baby for nine months. In addition to this, the first Ukraine mother that gave birth to a healthy baby girl was in 1995. This successful procedure initiated the launch of many small and big reproductive clinics.

Apart from that, since 2000, Ukraine has been considered the hub of surrogacy, and many people even from European countries opt for Ukraine when they want to carry out the procedure. Aside from that, surrogacy in Ukraine is extremely cheap compared to other European countries. Also, the entire procedure is simple and hassle-free. Also, the cost of a surrogate mother is higher abroad as compared to Ukraine.

A US surrogate mother costs around $50,000 from the process. Moreover, this cost excludes the individual bills for legal, medical, running costs and the cost for other related procedures. Notably, if the baby is born through cesarean section then again the charges increase resulting in a hefty amount of more than $100,000. Thus, surrogacy in Ukraine is way cheaper than surrogacy in the US.


Surrogacy is the procedure known worldwide by many infertile couples. Even more, surrogacy is categorized in two forms. Each procedure has different steps to follow.


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