Sweet Bonanza Remains one of the Best Online Slots

What could you do without Sweet Bonanza Online Slots during the cold winter nights that you have to spend at home? Sweet Bonanza is one of the slots placing you to Wild West and giving you more incentives to win big while getting entertained.

Sweet Bonanza slot review is what we are about to do and inform the public about the benefits you get when playing that game. Pragmatic software is one of the slots one of the champions and pioneers in online casino programming.

You will get lots of fruits on the screen covered with sugar and other sweets as you see the reels spinning. It is a classic six-reel game, and you have more than 25 pay lines to win.

Gameplay of the Sweet Bonanza

First, you need to enter the main screen and check about the credits you would like to use. There are two main buttons, one with the plus sign and the other with the minus. By pressing them, you can either increase or decrease your bet and start spinning the reels at higher speeds. If you don’t want to press the spin button all the time, you also have access to the autoplay section, where you can automatically set a credit amount, and the reels are going to spin at their pace.

You will have access to the Ante bet that is a sort of multiplier. It can increase your bet by 20 or 30 times, giving you equally big chances to win prizes and jackpots. The latter are more frequent to players that push the slot machine to its limits; that is why you should always play for the maximum credits, which unlocks certain bonuses and gifts.

How Do I Get Free Spins?

Free Spins are Sweet Bonanzas best features. You can always claim your free spins when you hit the lollipop symbol four times in a row. The same pay line gives you access to 30 free spins that can give you an equal amount of jackpots in case you hit the same symbols on the six reels.

The maximum you can win on Sweet Bonanza would be 21,100 times your initial bet. That is a great money value since some high rollers may bet as much as $10 per spin. As you may understand the chances to win are higher than the average online slot games and the gameplay gives you more reasons to stay attached to your screen for multiple hours.

With Sweet Bonanza, you can also be sure about the fairness and transparency of the game. All the Gambling commission authorities have approved it, and the Return to Player (RTP) rate reaches the incredible (96.5%). That means that the slot machine has to return $96.5 out of every $100 it receives from players. It leaves minimal winning for the house and gives many more opportunities for winnings to the community.

The sound and image effects are great. Sweet Bonanza remains a video slot that has many pre-recorded videos to ensure maximum player satisfaction and entertainment. You can always have access to different bonuses according to the number of reels and identical symbols you have hit. Stay close and bet high when you are playing the Sweet Bonanza online slot game!