Synthetic lab-created diamonds- the best alternative of mined diamonds


Firstly, it is fascinating to know that synthetic or lab-created diamonds offer an eco-friendly and ethical alternative for wedding and engagement rings made with real diamonds. Along with this, the lab-grown diamonds also have the same physical characteristics and real natural diamonds. In order to find more about synthetic diamonds, there is known as HPHT or CVD diamonds.

How Synthetic Lab Created Diamonds Are Made

Lab-created diamonds are made by two methods that are known as HPHT and CVD


High-Pressure High-Temperature synthesis is known as one of the most common methods used in order manufacture lab-created diamonds. The reason is, this procedure is more affordable rather than CVD. Along process is responsible to mimics the natural conditions that directly result in natural diamond formation as well as also uses a small synthetic diamond seed coupled along with a carbon source for creating colorless and fancy color diamond synthetics.


CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition synthesis is responsible for great lab-created diamonds from a hydrocarbon gas source. In this process, the carbon rich gas is fed. After that, the process exposed in order to increase the temperatures and a power source that forces the carbon particles to align into a crystalline diamond structure.

Moreover, CVD can also be used to grow diamonds used in synthetic diamond rings. However, it is also used more often for technological purposes, such as creating diamond-tipped lasers and tools. Keep in consideration that HPHT and CVD are responsible for producing the same type and same quality of synthetic diamonds.

Pros of Lab Created Diamonds

It is fascinating to know that the lab-created diamonds have a ton of pros because they are extremely durable and environmentally friendly. However, some other benefits include:

Pros of Lab Created Diamonds


In addition to colorless diamonds, fancy colored lab-created diamonds are available in a huge variety of colors such as canary yellow, cognac, pink green, orange, blue, and red. Along with this, lab Grown diamonds Australia allows you to get fancy colored diamonds are also quite rare as well as extremely expensive as same as their synthetic counterparts.


It is fascinating to know that lab-created diamonds are available in a large selection of cuts and shapes. It is also possible for buying synthetic diamonds already fashioned into synthetic diamond rings.

100% Conflict Free

Lab-created diamonds are 100% conflict-free and it is estimated that more than 15% of the diamonds sold today to be considered blood diamonds by selecting synthetic diamonds is considered as one way to make sure that your diamonds are 100% ethical.


Keep in consideration that lab-created diamond is less expensive rather than a mined diamond. However, you can also expect a drop in the price of at least 30% while comparing stones of similar qualities.


When it comes to diamonds, the diamond is critical and, if not the most critical, its drivers the beauty and value. Lab-grown diamonds tend in order to receive better cuts rather than mined diamonds.

Mined diamonds occur in irregular shapes as well as also contain mineral flaws. It dictates what a faceted can profitably cut. Lab-grown diamonds are also available in rough forms in a controlled environment. It also tends to be both cleaner and cheaper to produce.

Choosing the Right Diamond for You

If you are in search of the best engagement ring for your partner lab grown diamonds, Australia offers the customers a variety of lab-grown diamonds, along with education about the advantages as well as disadvantages of both. Keep in consideration that lab-created diamonds are half the cost of mined diamonds and the same physical and optical properties. They are also a great alternative for purchasing the more expensive.

Along with this, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds and considered as best for weddingsas well as engagements. These lab-created rings are also associated as a perfect way of showing your love and affection.

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