Top Films of the 1950s

Top Films of the 1950s

The decade of the big-budget epic spectacles, science fiction films, widescreen (such as Cinemascope and Vista Vision), Hitchcock classics, realistic movies, thrilling westerns and heart-warming musicals, movies in the 1950s indeed offered quite a variety. With the advent and popularity of television, film studios and companies were finding ways to lure the … Read more

Introduction to Dorothy Collins

Dorothy Collins

Introduction Dorothy Collins (born Marjorie Chandler in 1926 – died in 1994) was a Canadian/American singer and actress, who reached the peak of fame during the 50s music era. She had been a singer on several local radio stations in Windsor, Ontario in Canada (her birthplace) and Detroit. When pioneer bandleader Raymond … Read more

Who is Julius LaRosa?

Julius La Rosa

Julius LaRosa is a traditional pop singer and television and radio personality whose career started during the 1950s. A quick overview of Julius LaRosa’s career Julius LaRosa is an American singer in the traditional vein. His career became particularly prominent in the 1950s. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1930. … Read more