A guide to locating an effective addiction treatment center

addiction treatment center

Finding the right rehab can be a painstaking process. This is because several factors have to come into play when deciding which one to settle for. These factors include: Financial ability Treatment plan The programs The process. However, when you finally get yourself or a loved one to a great rehab facility … Read more

Can anyone develop an addiction?


You might have many questions about the nature of addiction and how this life-altering mental health issue can seem to hit people and their families out of nowhere. Addiction knows no boundaries – people of every gender, race, colour, religion and social class can be afflicted. So why is it that some … Read more

5 Ways to Help a Loved One Struggling with Addiction

5 Ways to Help a Loved One Struggling with Addiction

Having a loved one battle addiction can be a devastating and heartbreaking journey, even more so because the addict isn’t the only one affected by the disease. Family and friends often find themselves swept up in the financial, legal, and emotional slipstream associated with the addict’s behavior. In some instances, the issues … Read more

The science behind addiction: Is there more to be done?

The science behind addiction

Addiction is essentially a disease affecting the brain – and there has been much research into working out how this works. But do we still properly understand what drives us to such behaviour? How the brain changes Addiction changes the brain by rewiring its structure. This is why someone suffering from addiction … Read more