The 4 Most Important Things to Consider When Pet Boarding

Our ancestors had the right idea when they first domesticated animals. They knew we needed animal companions for added security,…

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How To Pick The Best Trainer For Your Dog

Taking your dog to training classes, or hiring a private trainer for it, is essential when raising a puppy. It’s…

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Small Breed Dogs for Apartment Living

Living in an apartment in the city can have countless perks, but one downside that dog people experience is how…

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How A Pet Can Improve Your Entourage for The Better

More and more people are getting pets to their homes. Not only are they getting pets, but the type of…

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Strange and Unusual Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 190 dog breeds and some of them are found in such small numbers which…

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4 Things you should know About Emotional Support Animals

Most people confuse emotional support animals (ESA) with ordinary pets. An emotional support animal is given to patients that are…

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Strange and Unusual Facts and Myths About the Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is full of one remarkable fact after another. Do cats really have nine lives? Does licking a…

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Unusual Names for Groups of Animals

Almost all animals gather in groups at some point in their lives. When they form groups, it’s mainly for safety…

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Incredible Real-Life Hybrid Animals

Cross-breeding different kinds of dogs is very popular. But have you ever thought of crossing a tiger and a lion?…

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Deadliest Insects

They’re small, but it doesn’t mean they’re not intimidating. In fact, these insects are dangerous, especially when they swarm in…

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Deadliest Animals On Earth

When you hear “deadliest animals,” you may automatically think of huge animals with fearsome fangs, or razor-sharp claws, and horns.…

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10 of the Largest Insects

Insects are often thought of as tiny and in many instances we don’t usually notice them. They go on making…

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