The History of the Cartoon Atom Ant

Kids in the 60s would surely include the tiny cartoon superhero Atom Ant in their memories of classic cartoons. This…

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Motion Graphics vs. Animation: What’s the Difference?

Both types of artistic work produce visual content with moving objects. For an outsider, the distinction is vague. In fact,…

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The History of Cartoons

The term “cartoon” refers to an illustration or a series/sequence of drawings that depict satire, caricature, or humor. It features…

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Top Cartoons of the 80s

The 80s brought about a lot of cartoon fans. For a lot of children back in the day, the 80s…

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Top Cartoons of the 70s

From the day Disney introduced to us a new medium of entertainment called “animation”, the world has witnessed a surge…

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Introduction to The Flintstones

What is “The Flintstones”? The Flintstones is an animated 1960s television sitcom that was broadcast on ABC. It was created…

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Introduction to Tom and Jerry

“Tom and Jerry” – a favorite for decades Tom and Jerry is a hilarious American Television series that has been…

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