The Interesting History of Opera

the stage in an opera house

An opera is a form of theater where music has a leading role. Parts are taken by singers, but it still differs from musical theater. It is usually a collaboration of a composer and a librettist. It includes a number of the performing arts, like acting, costume, scenery, and sometimes dance. The … Read more

Arts and culture in America today

Art, culture, and even great-tasting foods like hamburgers have always been an important part of American life. The US enjoys its pre-eminent position among Western nations at least in part due to its cultural output. Films, music and TV were crucial in conveying the imagery and ideas of the American way of … Read more

Famous Historical Japanese Artists

Cypress trees painting

Japanese painting has a charm of its own, with the artists developing their own styles over the centuries. If we’re interested in art, Japanese culture, history, or all of these, we should definitely read up on the great historical artists of Japan. One might say that culture and tradition are ingrained in … Read more

The Priceless Value of the Arts for Modern Living

The Priceless Value of the Arts for Modern Living

The world of art has a lot of hidden treasures: facts that may leave you scratching your head in confusion or that could help you impress friends when you’re making conversation. It’s no secret that the arts, in general, enrich lives, enhance communities, and embrace cultures, but too many people overlook its … Read more