The Amazing History of Aboriginal Art

Among the classic forms of artistic expressions in the world, Aboriginal art is the oldest. They are also referred to…

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The Interesting History of Opera

An opera is a form of theater where music has a leading role. Parts are taken by singers, but it…

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Arts and culture in America today

Art and culture have always been an important part of American life. The US enjoys its pre-eminent position among Western…

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Famous Historical Japanese Artists

Japanese painting has a charm of its own, with the artists developing their own styles over the centuries. If we’re…

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The Priceless Value of the Arts for Modern Living

The world of art has a lot of hidden treasures: facts that may leave you scratching your head in confusion…

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Amazing Clues and Meaning in Famous Works of Art

There is always more to a picture than meets the eye. And little did we know, some of the famous…

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Duran Duran – An Iconic 80s Pop Group

Formed in Birmingham in 1978, Duran Duran is a new wave synthpop band that quickly grew from being alternative sensations…

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