5 Useful Tips to Landscape and Decorate your Backyard

5 Useful Tips to Landscape and Decorate your Backyard

Backyards have often been associated with swing sets, pools, and gardens for decades. But as of late, it has grown into an extension of the home and includes a wide range of activities previously restricted to the indoors. Here are three major reasons why you should include your backyard in your home’s … Read more

5 Creative Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Playground

Turn Your Backyard into a Playground

Your backyard may be boring now, but after you read about these great ideas for your backyard, it’ll be the hotspot for the entire neighborhood. There are so many ingenious ways to dress up your backyard and make it more fun for your kids.  You don’t need to have a boring backyard, … Read more

The History of the American Backyard

In summer, our yards are our place to dine, relax, and spend some quality time with our families. They house our swimming pools, patios, playhouses for our children, and more importantly, they’re part of the classic American Dream. But this obsession with thick green plots isn’t as old as you might think. … Read more

Essentials For A Great Backyard Party

Hosting any party can be really stressful. All the preparations, confirmations and arrangements can take over most of your time and leave you in a state of chaos. That is why it’s very important when planning a party, especially when it’s an outdoor backyard party, to have a checklist of all the … Read more

How to Build a Greenhouse in Your Backyard

If you’ve got a green thumb, a greenhouse can fit right into your lifestyle. Here’s how to build a greenhouse in your backyard. Milling through the produce department, you notice that the fruits and veggies look rough, use harmful chemicals and are way overpriced! The only other option you can think of … Read more

The Essentials When Throwing a Backyard BBQ Party

BBQ Party

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a BBQ party knows it’s the best and most laid back event you can go to. Whether it’s a small backyard party to a full-blown cookout, you want the atmosphere to be light, fun, and comfortable for you and everyone else invited. So like any other party, … Read more

DIY Methods to Design Your Backyard

DIY Methods to Design Your Backyard

From a play area for your children to a comfortable place to entertain your family and friends, your backyard is an integral part of your life. You want your yard to be inviting and to reflect your personal style. Whether it’s the onset of spring or you have a special event planned, … Read more