The Ultimate Packing List for a Beach Vacation

Heading to the beach this summer? What you bring along will go a long way in making your vacation a success. Here’s the ultimate packing list for the beach. In 2010, 58.67 million Americans took a trip to the beach. Whether you are looking for a vacation to soak up the sun … Read more

8 Surprising Benefits of Hitting the Beach

8 Surprising Benefits of Hitting the Beach

A day starting with packing beach bags is never a bad day. Everyone loves going to the beach, and the beach might have a few reasons to love us too. A day at the beach is not just enjoyable; there are a lot of benefits to it too! Make the most out … Read more

Tips for Soothing a Sunburn

Sunburn or sun poisoning is a result of chronic sun exposure. It is common during summer but can be possible any time of the year. Its symptoms vary but include pinkness or redness, skin that is warm or hot to the touch, pain, tenderness, itching, swelling, blisters, headache, fever, nausea and fatigue. … Read more