7 Refreshing Bedroom makeover tips to follow

7 Refreshing Bedroom makeover tips to follow

A bedroom – not just a place to sleep but also your personal space to relax. A person spends most of his time in a bedroom. We sit, relax, read, talk, eat, sleep, work, and so-almost-everything in a bedroom. The only place where we shed all our emotions. The looks of the … Read more

6 Budget Oriented Bedroom Decorating Hacks

Bedroom Decorating Hacks

Want to lighten up your bedroom, but are short for money? Don’t worry, we have some budget-friendly interior hacks that can help liven up your bedroom for a point-by-point comparison with even the most Instagram-able bedroom idea you will find. These hacks cover a lot of things from a quick repaint, re-bedding, … Read more

How to Give Your Bedroom a New Look

Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It is the place that you come home to after work, where you can relax during the weekend and most importantly where you sleep at night. It is because of its significance that we strive for our bedroom to look the best, even if it is for … Read more

How to Redecorate your Bedroom: A Handy Checklist

Redecorating your bedroom is always a daunting task. To help you organise your bedroom decoration project the Original Bed Company has made a checklist covering every aspect of the room. From bed to plants, here is everything you need to know to create the perfect space for your sleep. When it comes … Read more

How to Make Your Bedroom Reflect Your Character

Your bedroom becomes your haven at the end of a tiring day. You definitely want it to be organized and well decorated to be able to relax peacefully. Styling your bedroom is more than just choosing a particular theme. Have you ever considered changing it in a way that will reflect your … Read more

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

They call it spring cleaning but really its more like “when you have time cleaning”.  Maintaining a home takes work and some planning whether its spring or not. We have compiled a list of areas to focus on with some tips to help get you going.  The more you put into keeping … Read more