History of Big Band Music

big band playing on a show

A Big Band is a kind of musical ensemble of jazz music. They usually have ten or more musicians, and it is divided into four sections, namely the trombones, saxophones, trumpets, and the rhythm section. Big bands started to emerge in early 1090, and it began dominating the jazz scene in the … Read more

Biography of Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey

Introduction: Jimmy Dorsey (February 29, 1904 – June 12, 1957) was one of the highly-regarded musicians and big-band leaders during his time, from the 30s up to the 50s music era. Dorsey was proficient in playing the trumpet, clarinet and saxophone. He recorded several pop and jazz standards that have become oldies … Read more

Biography of Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey

Introduction: Tommy Dorsey was an American musician and bandleader and one of the prominent figures of the Big Band and Swing era. A jazz trombonist, trumpeter and composer, he was a younger brother of another famed Swing musician and bandleader Jimmy Dorsey. The brothers came even to a point of competing each … Read more

The Life and Music of Archie Bleyer

Archie Bleyer

Introduction to Archie Bleyer Successful American bandleader, song arranger and record company executive Archie Bleyer (June 12, 1909- March 20, 1989, Queens, New York) started to play when he was a child. During college days, he switched his electrical engineering course to music. He started writing ‘hot’ novelty songs in the early … Read more

Ferko String Band

Ferko String Band

Introduction to Ferko String Band The Ferko String band has become a Philadelphia legend, formed in the 1920s by Joseph A. Ferko (1895-1964). When he was younger, Ferko worked at local a pharmacy owned by a doctor named Dr. John Fralinger. When the new craze called the Mummers Parade was starting in … Read more

Sammy Kaye and His “Sweet” Big Band Music

Sammy Kaye

Introduction to Sammy Kaye Sammy Kaye was a bandleader and songwriter who, during the Big Band era, was the chief figure of the “Sweet” bands whose numbers were not that danceable compared to the true “swing” but instead consisted of sentimental, light pop tunes.  Born in Ohio in 1910, his reputation as … Read more

Introduction to Ray Anthony

Ray Anthony

Career summary on Ray Anthony Ray Anthony was born in Bentleyville, PA, in 1922. He hit it big in the early 1950’s when his classic dance songs “The Hokey Pokey” and “The Bunny Hop” became popular. He also had hit songs with “The Dragnet Theme” and “At Last”. Ray became the musical … Read more

The Life and Music of Don Cornell

Don Cornell

Introduction Don Cornell (born Luigi Varlaro in 1919 – died in 2004) was an American singer who reached the peak of prominence in the 1940s and the 1950s. His big but smooth and hearty voice brought hits from his singles “I’ll Walk Alone,” “I’m Yours,” “I,” “Hold My Hand” and “The Bible … Read more