Key Events in Rock and Roll History

Key Events in Rock and Roll History

If you’re seriously into rock and roll, wanting to discover its colorful history most likely comes naturally to you. You even wish there’s a rock and roll subject in your class! Anyway, here are some of the major events that, in our opinion, forever shaped the landscape of rock and roll and … Read more

The History of the Crickets

The Crickets

Introduction The Crickets (also known as Buddy Holly and the Crickets) are an American rock ‘n roll band, formed by the late Buddy Holly in his hometown in Lubbock, Texas. At that time, Holly had been making demos with fellow friends/musicians and so decided to form a band. He was already under … Read more

History of Buddy Holly, One of Classic Rock Legends

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly — An Introduction Buddy Holly (born Chalres Hardin Holley on September 7, 1936 – died on February 3, 1959) was an American singer-songwriter and musician whose influence and appeal still endure even over 50 years after his death in an airplane crash. In 1956, Holley signed to Decca Records, and … Read more