The History of the Cartoon Top Cat

Top Cat features a gang of cats left with no other option than to scam people to survive in the dangerous alleys of New York City

Top Cat is another William Hanna and Joseph Barbera masterpiece. Set in the dark alleys of New York City, this classic cartoon is all about the adventures of a gang of cats lead by ‘Top Cat.’ Due to poor ratings in the U.S., this cartoon was only aired from September 27, 1961 … Read more

Potential Health Effects of Glucosamine for Cat Joints

Potential Health Effects of Glucosamine for Cat Joints

Glucosamine is a drug that has been proven, particularly when combined with other drugs, to reduce the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis in your little fluffy friend. Our pets often have become members of our family’s and the idea that they are suffering gives us considerable anxiety, understandably. Thankfully, if your cat is … Read more

Basic Ways to Feed Your Adorable Cats at Home

Until you actually become a cat parent, you never truly realize what a unique relationship it can be. Dogs aim to please, they are our best friends, not the other way around. Not so with our feline friends. They tend to be the boss while we somehow assume the role of the … Read more

Can a Dog Live with a Cat?

Can a Dog Live with a Cat

Owners of a cat or a dog sometimes face a difficult situation, when irreconcilable by common standards enemies appear in the house. What to do and how help the pets live in peace and, in general, could cats and dogs get along in the same apartment? Traditionally, it is believed that these … Read more

5 Tips to caring for your kittens

Tips to caring for your kittens

Adopting a kitten for your pet requires more than just patting, cuddling and feeling their soft fur. Kittens need to be well taken care of to maintain them and ensure that they are healthy, strong and grow up to be good pets. However, most kitten owners do not know where to start … Read more

Strange and Unusual Cat Breeds

Scottish Fold

When it comes to cats, what most of us think of is a fairly generic-looking animal. But in fact, every cat is unique with its own looks and personality. Most of us may be familiar with common cat breeds such as Persian and Domestic cats. But did you know that there are … Read more

Why Do Cats Purr?

Cats are amazing creatures because their characteristics and behaviors are multifunctional, which helps them increase the odds of survival. Scratching for them is marking territories, communicating conflicted feelings, and maintaining their nail health. Their whiskers can feel wind direction and can help them navigate as well. They also purr to show contentment. … Read more

Can It Really Rain Cats and Dogs?

When somebody tells you, it’s raining cats and dogs, of course it does not mean cats and dogs are literally falling from the sky. You don’t have to panic. It just basically means it’s raining very hard (you might step on a poodle!). Though raining cats and dogs is an odd thing … Read more