China’s Abandoned Wonderland

One of the most famous abandoned theme parks has to be China’s Abandoned Wonderland “Wonderland” was supposed to be the…

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China’s ghost cities and abandoned factories!

China is an unrivalled powerhouse in the global economy. For the last three decades, its growth has outpaced that of…

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Fengdu Ghost City – China

Fengdu Ghost City The city consists of buildings, structures, dioramas, and statues that are related to Diyu, the concept of…

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The History of Harbin Beer

Harbin Brewery is one of the earliest beer manufacturers and beer brands in China, making it popular throughout the country.…

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What Was Life In China During The 80s?

China is the third-largest country in the world by landarea, spanning roughly 9.6 million square kilometers. It is also the…

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The History of Tsu Chu

The history of football is a lot older than you think. Although there are other prehistoric forms that are similar…

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4 Effective China E Commerce Strategies to try now!

China is a $1.1 trillion eCommerce market, and offers lots of opportunities for online entrepreneurs. However, like all other lucrative…

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Check Out these Chinese Copies of the World-Famous Tourist Spots

You might already know that China is the “factory of the world.” So many products diverse to each other like…

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Interesting Facts About China

Most people around the world may know only two or three things about China: it is the country with the…

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