Tourism In China

Fengdu Ghost City – China

China is the most populous state in the world, known officially as the People’s Republic of China, covering almost 9.6 million kilometers square. It is the second-largest state in the world by territory and now the world’s largest communist republic. China, and also those who were soon the cradle of an advanced … Read more

China’s Abandoned Wonderland

China's Abandoned Wonderland

One of the most famous abandoned theme parks has to be China’s Abandoned Wonderland “Wonderland” was supposed to be the Chinese version of Disneyworld. The ruins of what would be the biggest theme park in Asia are situated just 45 minutes outside the center of Beijing, on a 100-acre plot of land. … Read more

Fengdu Ghost City – China

Fengdu Ghost City – China

Fengdu Ghost City The city consists of buildings, structures, dioramas, and statues that are related to Diyu, the concept of the underworld and hell (or Naraka) in Chinese mythology and Buddhism. It is modeled to resemble Youdu, the capital of Diyu. After the building of the Three Gorges Dam and the rising … Read more

What Was Life In China During The 80s?

Shanghai skyline from the bund

China is the third-largest country in the world by landarea, spanning roughly 9.6 million square kilometers. It is also the most populous country in the world, with records showing around 1.428 billion people in 2017. The vast land has several divisions, regions, municipalities, and provinces, which are all ruled under the same … Read more

The History of Tsu Chu

ancient Chinese playing football

The history of football is a lot older than you think. Although there are other prehistoric forms that are similar to football, the ancient Chinese are generally credited with the world’s first “kicking ball” sport, the tsu chu (or sometimes spelled as “cuju”). There have been debates as to when exactly this … Read more

4 Effective China E Commerce Strategies to try now!

China is a $1.1 trillion eCommerce market, and offers lots of opportunities for online entrepreneurs. However, like all other lucrative markets, getting a piece of the pie in this market is not easy. You will be up against giant competitors such as Alibaba. As such, you need to come up with effective … Read more

Interesting Facts About China

Interesting Facts About China

  Most people around the world may know only two or three things about China: it is the country with the most number of people, it is one of the world’s biggest countries, and Mandarin is the biggest language of the world. But these are not the only things that you should … Read more