5 Interesting Facts About Raven from DC Comics

v5 Interesting Facts About Raven from DC Comics

There is an abundance of interesting comic book characters who have fascinating backstories. Valiant comic book characters such as Bloodshot, who has recently made his cinematic debut, give us hope that some of our favourites will make it to the big screen soon. COVID does not appear to have tripped up the … Read more

The History of the Justice League TV Cartoons

Justice League promotional art

Justice League is an animated television series that ran from 2001 to 2004 in Cartoon Network. This animated TV series is part of the DC animated universe, and it is produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Justice League, the animated series is based on the comic book by DC Comic entitled Justice League … Read more

The History of Teen Titans

Teen Titans logo

A lot of DC Comics stories and superhero characters have jumped into the screens, be them big or small. Another fixture of the DC universe, Teen Titans, has its own television series as well. Unlike other DC Comics-based series that had juggernaut starts (such as Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League), … Read more

History of Wonder Woman

History of Wonder Woman

Aside from Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, Wonder Woman is one of the oldest comic-book superhero character who is still making noise in the entertainment history today. In fact, she is the most popular comic-book superhero of all time. The DC Comics character first appeared in All Star Comics in 1941. And like … Read more