Why is Pyrex So Popular?

Pyrex flasks, test tube

Pyrex has been a staple in many households for a century. Walk into a home, and you’ll most likely find some Pyrex, the almost-indestructible glass bowls, baking dishes, and measuring cups. You can’t even go around estate sales without stumbling on a piece of Pyrex. So why exactly is Pyrex so popular? … Read more

Marina Bay Sands Sky Bar

Marina Bay Sands Sky Bar

In addition to the drinks, food, ambience and decor, one of the considerations while selecting a bar is the view from the bar. Many people prefer to visit a skybar in Singapore because it is located at the top of one the tallest buildings and offers an excellent view of the entire … Read more

History of Salsa Music

salsa music band in cuba

Latin Americans have contributed many things to the world, but the region is most famous for two things: food and music. Probably one of the dishes many Americans are familiar with is salsa, as a catchall term that is used for sauces that spices up a meal. Salsa is a hot, savory, … Read more

Best Restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best places to travel to if you’re looking for delicious foods. It is a town that has around 4,500 restaurants, and 60 of those have Michelin stars rating. There have been many classic restaurants that have come and gone but there are many great options to … Read more