The Science Behind “Human Grade” Dog Food

The Science Behind "Human Grade" Dog Food

Not all good is created equal. Even when it comes to our own diets, the difference between a fast food burger and one prepared at home using high-quality ingredients is significant. Now let’s consider the mystery meats – the slaughterhouse floor scrapings that get sold in bulk to most big-name dog food … Read more

How Dog Food Affects Constipation in Canines?

How Dog Food Affects Constipation in Canines

Is your canine facing a constipation issue? If so, he/she will experience infrequent or no bowel movements, waste production difficulties, and strain while defecating. This condition is relatively common in dogs, especially senior canines whose systems no longer digest foods with the same ease. It might be induced by different reasons, but … Read more

How to Choose the Best Dog Food

Why Does Dog Food Smell So Bad?

Dogs need proper nutrition to keep fit and healthy. However, since what might be good for one dog could be inappropriate for another, it can be hard to determine which diet is best for your dog. Below are some key considerations to help you decide what is best to feed your canine.  … Read more

Why Does Dog Food Smell So Bad?

Why Does Dog Food Smell So Bad?

If you are a pet owner, you would agree that the smell of dog food is not something you would want to smell in any other place than your dog’s bowl. It can sometimes be as bad is when your dog eats tuna – and that is not pleasant! Now, you may … Read more