Dog Surfing: An Unusual Sport

Surfing is a very popular sport for many people around the world. It is also a challenging sport to learn. But how about we make it more challenging by taking our pet dog with us when we surf? Well, that is the concept of the unusual sport called dog surfing. It is … Read more

How to Tell Your Dog is Sick: Most Common Signs

How to Tell Your Dog is Sick Most Common Signs

People love dogs because they are reliable companions, protectors, and faithful family members. We get a lot of positive emotions and support from these marvelous creatures. With joy, we acquire a great responsibility: now, the pet’s life and health depend on us. Each dog owner needs to carefully monitor the pet’s health … Read more

Are You Ready for a Dog? A Quick Checklist

Are You Ready for a Dog A Quick Checklist

For a lot of people, the idea of having a dog is exciting and they are one of the most popular animals that are chosen as pets. It’s not surprising considering how loyal, cuddly, and friendly a dog can be, and the bond you make with your dog is for life. Unfortunately, … Read more

Traveling with your dog

If you share your life with a dog, it’s hard to leave him to go halfway around the world. Many of you are wondering if it is possible to go on a long trip with your companion. That is entirely possible, but there are, of course, constraints. In this article, we give … Read more

How Long Do Large Dogs Live?

Getting a dog and raising it is a long journey. It is a responsibility you will have to shoulder every day but it pays off. Your dog is going to be your best friend and will remain so for years. This is the part where most people are concerned, because how long … Read more

Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Dog

dog lifespan

The longest a dog has ever lived was 29 years when in 2013, a dachshund mix dog named Max died peacefully. However, the normal lifespan of this breed of a dog is 12 to 13 years. There must have been something special done to Max to have him live that long. We … Read more

Top Disney Dogs of All Time

A dog in a red sweater

The world is divided into cat and dog people, with some overlaps as well. The dogs of Disney, however, are almost universally appealing to viewers of all ages and backgrounds. They have their own unique personalities and are sometimes even the main character of the movie or show. Disney dogs are a … Read more

How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan for Your Dogs

Eating the same food every day for the rest of your life will make you wonder if you’re getting a balanced diet, not to mention that you’ll definitely get bored. That’s probably how your dogs feel when you feed them the same brand of dry food every day. Most dog owners are … Read more

How to calculate how much your dog should eat?

Here we tell you what some competition breeders have explained to us that we have   interviewed about these types of questions that you usually ask us. The unanimous response from breeders: There is no fixed amount of food to indicate in any case, since it depends on many factors like race, activity, … Read more

5 Signs Your Dog Is Going Through Anxiety

Just like people, dogs can struggle with high levels of stress. They often feel separation anxiety and can even have phobias you’re not aware of. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact problem, and even more difficult to treat it. While there is no universal solution that works for every high-strung … Read more

10 Straightforward But Efficient Tips For Training Your Dog

Training a dog takes patience, a solid routine, and understanding the basics of dog behavior. It’s essential to remember that you are working with an animal and not a human. It takes time for them to understand what you are trying to teach them. With these simple but useful tips for training … Read more

4 things to consider when looking at dog food ingredients

4 things to consider when looking at dog food ingredients

With the abundance of dog food manufacturers in society today, it is hard to choose the best food for your dog. Generally, all food should contain the major nutrients that a dog needs to grow and remain healthy. The foods must be tested by the Association of American Feed Control Officials to … Read more

DIY Dog Grooming

DIY Dog Grooming

Sometimes, we could get lazy and bring our dog to the groomers and call it a day. Little did we know that washing our dog can improve the bond and can be a fun adventure as well. It’s not as hard as you think, it just takes some time and patience. In … Read more

4 Things That Can Improve Your Dog’s Quality Of Life

4 Things That Can Improve Your Dog's Quality Of Life

Your dog could be the best companion you have in your compound. It welcomes and snuggles you when you come home. That is why it is necessary that you find a way of making it happy all the times. The best way to do this is by trying to improve the quality … Read more

Dog Behavior Problems and Their Solutions

Dog Behavior Problems and Their Solutions

Just like with humans, your dog will treat you the way you allow him to. The biggest difference is that dogs don’t have as much capacity to discern right from wrong as humans do. They only follow whatever works for them. If your dog starts exhibiting bad behaviors, it is up to … Read more

Strange and Unusual Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 190 dog breeds and some of them are found in such small numbers which makes them rare and unique that’s why they might look unfamiliarly weird to us. But even if they look uncommon, these dog breeds are the perfect companion. From being your running buddy, … Read more

How to Prepare Your Dog for Flight

How to Prepare Your Dog for Flight

Take your doggo on its first flight? Before your pup is ready to start jet-setting, it’s important to make sure you prepare them. It’s normal to have first-time jitters when traveling with your dog. You want them to be on their best behavior, there are so many new situations and environments for … Read more

5 Facts that are helpful to know about hot spots on dogs

5 Facts that are helpful to know about hot spots on dogs

Hot spots on dogs, are a form of canine pyoderma that are characterized by red and moist, irritated patches on the skin. They are usually caused by an initial irritant, and are mostly found on the hips, neck, limbs, and head. They are more prevalent on long-haired dog breeds and mostly occur … Read more