Dress to Impress: What About It?

Dress to Impress What About It

Dress to impress, you probably heard of that phrase countless times now. However, knowing what it exactly means may be a tad confusing. What purpose does it convey in the way we dress? Is it about how we want others to see us? To become a character of ourselves in a certain … Read more

How to Dress Up the Lovely In-Laws at Weddings

How to Dress Up the Lovely In Laws at Weddings

Weddings are spectacular events. They are emotional, especially for the parents who watch their children become united with their significant other. This is why the task of picking the right clothes for them on that special day can seem to be very stressful. The etiquette of wedding attire, especially for in-laws, can … Read more

The History of Velcro

The History of Velcro

Can you imagine your life without Velcro? That hook-and-loop fastener that we use in menu surprising aspects of our life. From shoes and bags to disposable diapers and in the aerospace industry. Velcro is such an important detail that helps keeps our things in place. But did you know that this ingenious … Read more