Relaxing and Safe Way to Drive for Your Next Escapade

Driving a motorcycle, a car, or any type of vehicle, is both thrilling and daunting. It is definitely fun to drive because of the liberating feeling of freedom it brings. At the same time, it can also be frightful because drivers and passengers, most especially motorcycle riders, are vulnerable in terms of … Read more

How is Technology Changing the Way We Drive?

How is Technology Changing the Way We Drive

Wherever you turn, technology is changing every aspect of our lives, from the way we enjoy our homes to the way we work. Driving is no different, and the last ten years in particular has seen an explosion of tech that has made life on the roads both easier and safer in … Read more

Tips on How to Drive Safely

Tips on How to Drive Safely

For some, driving is a necessary evil. You quite often find yourself stuck in traffic driving a stick, and you can’t help but wish you were living in a zombie apocalypse so the streets would be empty. Other times, you have to suffer the stupidity of other drivers and their inconsideration. That … Read more

Iconic Cars of the 80’s

Toyota MR2 Supercharged

The 80’s gave us so much to remember from music, fashion and movies. There’s the MC Hammer pants, Rick Astley, Metallica, Back to the Future and many more. But another thing that is iconic during the 1980s were cars. This is the era where sports cars meet comfort, where innovation and design … Read more