Crop tops, the definition of fashion

Crop tops, the definition of fashion

If fashion is a way of expression, as we subconsciously do always, crop tops might be a definitive demonstration of expression and individual empowerment. Where you come from can direct how a piece of style affects you and your setting matters. This piece of clothing that reaches your tummy and shows a … Read more

Popular Hairstyles Over the Decades

Popular Hairstyles Over the Decades

Each decade has its unique looks and style. Aside from the way people dress, hairstyles are also often the quickest way to determine where or when you are. Throughout history, hairstyles have played an important role in everything, from politics to gender to social status. As our cultures evolve and change, the … Read more

Winter-spring fashion 2021 – main trends

Winter-spring fashion 2021 - main trends

If the fashionable summer season was distinguished by bright colors, low necklines and bold outfits, the trends of the new season are more laconic. There is a worldwide trend towards minimalism, simplicity and convenience. All this has found expression in current outfits that are recommended to women of fashion for the cold … Read more

How to Wear Polka Dot Patterns?

Polka Dot Patterns

In trendy fashion range, there are numerous types of choices and clothing options which can be chased to make sure about creative feature brands and which like by interested communities to meet with their objectives. Wearing steps of Polka Dot Skirts are of different types and have great demand for the interested … Read more

What Is the Difference Between “Vintage” and “Retro” Clothing?

vintage and retro clothing

The terms “vintage” and “retro” refer to the descriptive style of anything “old” or “antique” – music, movies, clothing, architecture, furniture, automobiles, etc. This article explores the vintage and retro clothing styles and their differences. Both vintage and retro clothing styles evoke quaintness and nostalgia. While a lot of people love modern … Read more

Staying Fashionable While Burning Calories

fashion calories

It can be pretty hard to stay fashionable while working up a sweat in the gym. Why is it so hard to look cute in the gym while working out? Have you ever thought about all those advertisements on TV that show people that look like literal supermodels going to the gym? … Read more

8 Ways to Incorporate Watches to Your Fashion

watches fashion

Watches can turn your outfit from something dull and basic to luxurious and sophisticated. It’s all about finding the right watch like the Omega Speedmaster to complement your outfit. From vintage luxury watches to technologically advanced smartwatches, here are eight ways to incorporate wrist timepieces to your everyday aesthetic. Wear it for … Read more

The Best Men’s Fashion Brands

Fashion has always been something that has been synonymous with women, whether that be designers, the female consumer or the belief that being fashion forward has a lack of masculinity. However, as we move into more modern eras, the fashion world is changing. From the relativity of gender specific brands to the … Read more

Fashion Trends of American Presidents

American presidents have always had a huge impact on the entire world. With their power and status, they’ve become trendsetters, even when it comes to fashion. Every decision they take is studied, analyzed and considered by specialists who are not only aware of the image it represents but the psychology behind the … Read more

History of Disco

Disco is one of those complicated terms that means different things to different people. Most of us probably associate disco with the movie Saturday Night Fever and a phase of popular music and fashion that was isolated in the 1970s, but this perception does not fully define disco itself. In fact, disco music … Read more

Top 8 Timeless Fashion Pieces Worth Investing In

If you ask any stylist how to manage your wardrobe, the most common answer will be to build your wardrobe on a few key timeless fashion pieces and then add a few new items every new season, depending on what’s in fashion. The problem is, what are these key fashion pieces that … Read more

80s Style: The Top 5 Best Fashion Trends of the 1980s

Fashion trends in the 80s were not just about over sized shirts and spandex. Keep reading for the top 5 best fashion trends of the 1980s. There’s no doubt that the ’80s decade gave us some of the biggest fashion fails the world has ever seen. Shoulder pads, teased hair, acid-washed jeans, … Read more

Top 80s Fads

Every decade has its own share of fads and crazes, and the ‘80s were no different. In fact, this decade was bursting with questionable fashion choices and crazy toys. Let’s be honest, most of us are glad that some of these crazy fads stayed in the ‘80s because most of them were … Read more

Fashion Trends: Mismatching on Purpose is a Thing

Fashion Trends Mismatching on Purpose is a Thing

A new trend has been breaking the rules of fashion recently. It has emerged on red carpets and runways, challenging the traditional fashion of matching pairs for your outfit. The term for this fad is purposeful mismatch. Models and stars are purposefully wearing pairs of seemingly similar but different earrings or shoes. … Read more

How to Incorporate Fashion in Your Workwear

How to Incorporate Fashion in Your Workwear

Functional workwear clothing apparel such as Barbour jackets, Dickies trousers and Red Wing boots have, since the late 90s, remained a fashion statement and they were first sold through independent stores. These days, workwear clothing is as ubiquitous in department stores as it is on the high-street fashion stores. More and more … Read more

Top Fashion Trends of the ‘70s

Top Fashion Trends of the ‘70s

The 1970s was definitely an era of fashion from bell bottoms, feathers, fringe, and lace to platform wedges, denim, satins, and sequins. It was noticeable that the ‘70s was able to preserve the 1960s hippie look while giving it a more modern and refined look. The 1970s was indeed a time when … Read more