The History of the Tippet

Portrait of unknown woman in a black tippet, straw hat and pearls

The tippet used to be one of the few clothing items worn by both men and women. It is a long and narrow strip of clothing, resembling a scarf, worn over the shoulders. It resembles a stole but a more secular rather than ecclesiastical variety. The purpose of the tippet is primarily … Read more

The History of the Chemise

a woman wearing elbow-length chemise

The chemise is one of the clothing items that became a standard undergarment in 1800s fashion. The term has been traditionally referred to as a dress cut straight at the sides and left unfitted in the waist. It was a basic garment designed to be worn closest to the skin, preventing the … Read more

The History of the Pelerine

white pelerine 

Modish and sophisticated women of the 1700s and the 1800s would wear the most beautiful dresses and clothing items imaginable. One of them is the pelerine, something that’s very rarely worn nowadays, usually among the Roman Catholic clergy. Most people today might probably never even have just seen, read, or heard of … Read more

Comfort and Elegance – a Brief History of the Tea Gown

tea gown 1907

In general, women’s fashion during the 1800s had the tendency to be restrictive and uncomfortable, but it was all for the sake of physical beauty.  Corsets, crinolines, crinolettes, and bustles were among those fashion trends designed to give a women’s body a flattering silhouette. But wearing any of them was not only … Read more

Major Fashion Trends of the 1940s

blonde woman wearing a red hat and a red retro dress

The first half of the 1940s and the fashions in the Western world were dominated by World War II. Wartime production needed materials such as wool, leather, silk, zipper, nylon, and rubber. Furthermore, clothing was rationed in some parts of Europe and the United States. The 1940s fashion designers had to be … Read more

Check Out These Fashion Trends Making a Comeback This 2021

Check Out These Fashion Trends Making a Comeback This 2020

If you’re a solid fan of fashion that follows the trends closely, then you will definitely agree with the saying that history repeats itself. In fact, even 1500s fashion trends are gradually coming back now. Take a close look at the family photos mounted on the wall or stashed somewhere in your … Read more

90s Fashion Trends That Might Be Making a Comeback

Brown Lipstick

The 90s had several fashion trends that might seem too funny or nonsensical today. Platform shoes, for instance, were simply uncomfortable and dangerous to boot. Butterfly clips were pretty, but a bit childish when you think about it. However, there’s really nothing that can predict fashion trends, so there’s no telling when … Read more

Iconic Fashion Trends of the 90s

Iconic Fashion Trends of the 90s

Every decade has its own fashion statements. Whether it’s the shoulder pads of the 80s or the hippie look of the 70s, these statements are a large part of life as we know it during different eras. While the fashion trends must have overlapped at the beginning and end of each decade, there are … Read more

5 Business Fashion Trends to Inspire Your Wardrobe This Spring

5 Business Fashion Trends to Inspire Your Wardrobe This Spring

It’s almost springtime (yay!) and that means you are going to be able to wear skirts (finally). While choosing your own outfits in your free time is fine and dandy, you might be looking for some outfit ideas to introduce into your workplace fashion attempts. It’s time to introduce some bright colors … Read more

Major Fashion Trends and Styles of the 1800s

Morning dresses

After the French Revolution of the late 1700s, no one wanted to appear to be a member of the French aristocracy. The women of Paris became the first to abandon the ornate, overbearing and constricting fashions of the 1700s. They chose to wear long flowing muslin dresses that imitate the classical designs … Read more

Major Fashion Trends and Styles of the 1700s


Fashion in the 1700s was characterized by a widening silhouette both for men and women. This era embraces the late Baroque or Rococo style, which is a highly ornamental style of the day popularized in France and spread to Central Europe. Clothing at the time was characterized by soft pastels and playful … Read more

Major Fashion Trends and Styles of the 1600s

Elaborate wigs periwig

Fashion during the 1600s was all about looking your best. Women were creative with what they wore, and fashion indicated social status. Corsets and linen underwear are still worn. Waistlines rose, but was eventually replaced by a long lean line with low waist. It was a changing era when it comes to … Read more

Major Fashion Trends and Styles of the 1500s

Square Necked Gown

The 16th century was a time when fashion was shifting out of the medieval period and transitioning into the Renaissance. The fashion was marked with opulence. Voluminous clothing with so much layers, contrasting fabrics, embroidery, trims and other forms of ornamentation was prominent. The fashion that era – when we look at … Read more

Crazy Historical Fashion Trends

18th Century Dress

Weird body piercings, Uggs, Crocs, baggy jeans, T-shirts over long-sleeve shirts, leg warmers paired with neon leotards,super ripped jeans that almost bared all your legs and thighs– we’ve all seen these absurd fashion trends. Besides these, perhaps you’ve fallen trap with some fashion trends in the past that seemed cool at first … Read more