One-Hit Wonders: Just Us

Chip Taylor

Introduction Chip Taylor (real name James Wesley Voight, most known for penning songs such as “Wild Thing”; also the brother of actor Jon Voight and uncle of actress Angelina Jolie) and session musician and producer Al Gorgoni  were known as the pop musical duo Just Us, based in New York.  They released … Read more

The Life and Music of Gene Cotton

Introduction Gene Cotton was an American pop/folk singer and songwriter born  in Columbus, Ohio in 1944  but later moved to Tennessee in the late 1970’s. The singer/songwriter made charting singles during the 70s music era such as Sunshine Roses,” Damn It All,” “You’ve Got Me Runnin,’” “Before My Heart Finds Out,” “Like … Read more

The Music Career of Dean Friedman

Dean Friedman

Introduction to Dean Friedman Dean Friedman (born in 1955 in Paramus, New Jersey) is an American singer-songwriter best remembered for his Top 40 hit “Ariel” during the mid-70s music era. He was already playing music at weddings and bar mitzvahs as a member of Marsha and the Self-Portraits. In 1975 he was … Read more

Introduction to Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones

Introduction: Rickie Lee Jones is an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer who covered many genres such as R&B, pop, soul and jazz. Once a mainstream star, she has become a cult favorite as years pass. She is best known for the now-oldies classic song “Chuck E.’s In Love.” Born in Chicago but … Read more

The Music of The Bells

The Music of The Bells

Introduction to The Bells The Bells were a late 60s to early 70s music era Canadian rock band formed in Montreal, Quebec, in 1965. The original lineup consisted of Cliff Edwards and wife Anne (nee Ralph), Anne’s brother Jackie Ralph, as well as Mickey Ottier and Doug Gravelle, calling themselves The Five … Read more

History of Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin

A summary of her short life and career Janis Joplin may have died at a young age of 27, but musically she sounded wise beyond her years. The variety of influences she had absorbed provided her with a distinct musical and vocal personality she could very well call her own, and her … Read more

Robert John – “Sad Eyes”

Robert John

Introduction to Robert John Born Robert John Pedrick Jr. in 1946, Robert John is an American singer-songwriter possessing a falsetto voice. It can be heard on a couple of his Top 10 singles “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (1972) and his best-known song “Sad Eyes” (1979). He reached the pinnacle of his career … Read more

Introduction to Jay Ferguson

Jay Ferguson

Who is Jay Ferguson? Jay Ferguson is an American rock/pop singer and musician best known for his association with Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne, as well as his solo hit “Thunder Island” in the late 1970s. The musically-inclined California native started his career with Spirit when the band was formed in the … Read more

Introduction to Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris

The peerless country lass Emmy Lou Harris in a summary… She has achieved numerous country chart-topping hits and countless awards including 12 Grammys. Harris was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1947. She became acquainted with music during her college days, where she began to study the field and learned to play songs … Read more