Do men and women use the gym in different ways?

Best Gym Tips for Female Beginners

Going to the gym doesn’t just mean one thing. There are so many different types of workouts to choose from that two people can go to the gym at the same time and not do one exercise that is the same. This can be seen quite strongly when it comes to men … Read more

6 Ways To Challenge Yourself At the Gym

6 Ways To Challenge Yourself At the Gym

For most people, we go to the gym to train our bodies and put ourselves through an intense workout in the hope of seeing positive results in the form of improved physical fitness or increased muscle mass. Getting these results isn’t easy. It takes consistent effort over a period of weeks, a … Read more

Reasons Why You Will Benefit To Join A Gym Today

Joining a gym can seem like a big life decision especially if it’s your first time and you don’t really live an active lifestyle. Studies show that around 50 million Americans aren’t active in their day-to-day lives, spending most of their time sitting down. Leading this kind of sedentary lifestyle has been … Read more