5 Vitamins That Can Help Your Hair (Finally) Start to Grow

Are you frustrated after trying a number of hair care products that promise hair growth but don’t yield any results?…

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Famous Hairstyles Through Out History

The hair is a person’s crowning jewel, and it’s only fitting to make it fabulous. As fashion evolves, we also…

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What a Woman Needs to Get That Fab Looking Hair

Nowadays, looking fabulous is something you have to do under pressure and with limited time. Gone were the days that…

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How To Have Smoother, Softer Hair Fast

Do you desire softer hair with less frizz? How do you feel when you meet someone with luscious looking hair?…

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Quick Solutions For A Bad Hair Day

Have you woken up and found that your hair won’t corporate? You try to comb it, but it’s just missing…

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4 Short Hairstyles For Women To Try In 2019

From 2018’s no-fuss wash-and-wear hairstyle, 2019 is taking hairstyles up a notch. Say aloha to shaggy layers, straight fringe and…

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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

Traditional methods of removing unwanted body hair, especially shaving, can be so effort and time consuming. Between shaving and waxing,…

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Why women should consider a hair transplant

Female-pattern baldness can be an embarrassing condition for those who suffer from it, as it’s usually only attributed to men.…

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The Different Types of Pet Hair Vacuum and its Pros and Cons

Pet grooming on a regular basis reduces the amount of hair ending up on your floor or carpet. Nevertheless, this…

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5 Tips to finding a good laser hair removal place

Knowing where to begin when looking for a hair removal treatment center is normally a hard task. With so many…

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Interesting and Unusual Facts About Hair

Our hair is one of the most expressive parts of our bodies because we are able to style and color…

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Hollywood’s Iconic Blonde Actresses

Whether they be projected as “dumb blondes,” “blonde bombshells,” bubbly blondes, cool blondes or ditzy blondes — there’s no denying…

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Famous Red Heads

Red hair is certainly the rarest hair color. Only about 1% to 2% in the world’s population have natural red…

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