The Fascinating History of American Cheese

Cheese is in burgers, in pastas, and in fried dishes. In fact, it can be found in almost every dish…

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Tips for Adding Seasoning to a Burger

When you eat in restaurants and fast food chains, there are varieties of burgers you can choose from. However, the…

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Healthier Alternatives to the Hamburger Bun

The great thing about hamburgers is that they can be adapted to suit everyone’s taste — and, why not, diet.…

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History of Fuddruckers

Although a relatively younger name compared to other burger chains, Fuddruckers has firmly established its hold in the American burgerdom.…

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History of Fatburger

When you hear the name Fatburger, you automatically think of its juicy and tasty burgers that are freshly made off…

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History of American Hamburgers

How did the hamburger become so popular? There are several stories behind how the American hamburgers came into being. They…

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The History of the American Hamburger

The many “first” burger pioneers (as many people claim) There are many claims of the authenticity regarding the hamburger’s origins…

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The History of the Hamburger

The early history the hamburger in the US The history of hamburger is a very interesting and delightful one, most…

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