Formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, Metallica is a heavy metal band that was started by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. The band is composed of Lars Ulrich on drums, Robert Trujillo on bass, Cliff Burton on guitars, Kirk Hammett on lead guitars, and James Hetfield on vocals. The band has … Read more

Introduction to Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Formation of Black Sabbath One of the most famous heavy metal bands was formed in Birmingham, England in the late 1960s by teenage buddies Anthony “Tony” Iommi (guitar), John “Ozzy” Osbourne (vocals), Terence “Geezer” Butler (bass) and William “Bill” Ward (drums). They started out as a blues-rock outfit called Earth. The group … Read more

Introduction to Humble Pie

Humble Pie

Formation of the group Humble Pie is regarded as one of the biggest influences for many rock and heavy metal groups. Before the formation of Humble Pie, many of the members had played in previous bands. Guitarist and singer Steve Marriott had just left Small Faces, drummer Jerry Shirley had been a … Read more