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Artist Profile: Judas Priest

Formed in West Bromwich, England in 1969, Judas Priest is a heavy metal band that is often hailed as one…

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History of Heavy Metal

If you are unfamiliar with the heavy metal genre it is understandable if you feel a little bit confused when…

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Artist Profile: Iron Maiden

Formed in Leyton, East London in 1975, Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band that released over thirty-nine albums throughout…

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Heavy Metal Testing: What It Is And Why It’s Important To Cannabis

Why Heavy Metal Testing Is Important To Cannabis Cannabis collects heavy metals. It absorbs heavy metals from the soil, water…

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Formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, Metallica is a heavy metal band that was started by James Hetfield and…

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The Story and Music of Blue Cheer

Introduction to Blue Cheer Blue Cheer were an American rock band whose charting singles were “Just a Little Bit” and…

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Introduction to Black Sabbath

Formation of Black Sabbath One of the most famous heavy metal bands was formed in Birmingham, England in the late…

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History of Kiss

The band’s career in a summary Kiss is an American hard rock band, famously identified for the black-and-white makeups on…

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History of Blue Oyster Cult

The band’s origins and early career The group Blue Öyster Cult hailed from Stony Brook College in Long Island, New…

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Introduction to Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper’s career in a summary Alice Cooper is an American hard rock/heavy metal rock singer-songwriter, actor and radio disc…

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Introduction to Humble Pie

Formation of the group Humble Pie is regarded as one of the biggest influences for many rock and heavy metal…

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Led Zeppelin — One of the Pioneers of Heavy Metal and Classic Rock

Introduction to Led Zeppelin English classic rock group Led Zeppelin are considered one of the most critically and commercially successful…

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