Guide to 90s Music

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Compared to other eras, the concept of 90s music is quite difficult to pin down. Eccentric and wide-ranging, the decade challenges easy labeling. The cross-pollination of music in the 1990s has left a boundary-breaking legacy that remains today. Teen pop and dance-pop trends, which started in the 1970s and 1980s, continued in … Read more

The Musical Legacy Of Motown Records

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Music has enjoyed unprecedented growth and development over the course of human history, and as with everything popular, music too is regulated by published under various names. There is no shortage of record labels out there, but often only the biggest ones are actually really known about. One record label that has … Read more



Formed in Queens, New York, Run-DMC is an American hip-hop group that is composed of Darryl McDaniels, Jazon Mizell, and Joseph Simmons. They’re known to be one of hip-hop’s most influential acts and one of the most famous hip-hop groups that emerged in the 80’s. They were the first ever group in … Read more

5 Tips to buying hip hop beats

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When it comes to buying beats, there are many things you need to be aware of before you commit yourself to make a purchase online or elsewhere. As an artist or as a producer, you want to be sure of the beats you buy are what you will use in your music … Read more

Introduction to Joe Tex

Joe Tex

  Early life and music career Soul singer-songwriter Joe Tex was born Joseph Arrington Jr. in Rogers, Texas, in 1933. Musically talented, he was already playing baritone saxophone and singing in their local church. Tex entered several local singing contests. He won a cash prize (plus a trip to New York City) … Read more