Why you should Run a Background Check on Yourself

Run a Background Check on Yourself

We’ve all heard of background checks, especially if you’ve ever tried to apply for a job or a line of credit. They’re found in almost every industry – from childcare to finance and everything in between. But for many, the concept of what is disclosed on the confidential report remains foreign and … Read more

History of Swing Music

How swing music began is pretty hard to pinpoint. in fact, the word ‘swing’ appears in the title of a famous Duke Ellington number from 1932, and it’s entitled ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing,’ and on that same year, another song called ‘Moten Swing’ by Bennie … Read more

Interesting Facts About WWE Raw

Since it first aired in the 1950s, WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment has become a worldwide sports entertainment powerhouse. It is broadcasted in over 150 countries and it has a million viewers all around the world. Most of you are probably familiar about the basic principles of wrestling and could name a … Read more

Artist Profile: LL Cool J

Artist Profile: LL Cool J

Hip-hip is the music genre that is known for short-lived careers, but one rapper proved that he was an exception to the rule and he was LL Cool J. He was the rapper responsible for several hit albums such as “Walking with a Panther”, “ Bigger and Deffer”, “Mr. Smith”, “14 Shots … Read more

Intriguing Facts about “Dragnet” (TV Series)

Intriguing Facts about "Dragnet" (TV Series)

Dragnet is an American TV, radio and movie series that tells the story of the dedicated Los Angeles police Sergeant Joe Friday and his buddies. The show’s title, Dragnet, is a police system of coordinated measures that is used for arresting criminals. It was created by Jack Webb. It has a total … Read more