Tips to Help You Start Your Journey as a Travel Vlogger

Tips to Help You Start Your Journey as a Travel Vlogger

Man has always loved traveling and exploring new places. Ever since the time of great explorers, documenting one’s travels was an important part of the overall experience. These days, with better technology, documenting one’s travels in the form of video logs (or vlogs) is becoming increasingly popular. Some popular travel vloggers are … Read more

Are We Really What We Think We Are: A Journey Back in Time

we hold true is nothing more than a misconstrued fallacy? How would our beliefs, affiliations, and attitudes towards one another change if incontrovertible evidence was introduced into our lives? Scientific discovery has facilitated dramatic advancements in identifying critical DNA differences between us and the great apes, specifically the bonobo, orangutan, chimpanzee, and … Read more

Classic Rock Profiles: History of Journey


Introduction Journey is an American rock band who started their career during the 70s but achieved astronomical success during the 80s music scene. The group has undergone several lineup changes. During their heyday, Journey released smashes such as “Who’s Crying Now,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and “Open Arms.” Lead vocalist Steve Perry left … Read more