Giant Pumpkin Kayaking: A Unique Sport

a man kayaking using a giant pumpkin

Kayaking is one of the most popular watersports in the world. It is a fun activity that involves moving through the water while riding a small water vessel with the help of a double-bladed paddle. It enables the boat driver to move through waterways by sitting face-forward and propelling ahead via alternate … Read more

Kayaking Tips for Women – Simple and Easy to Follow

woman kayaking

Do you want to explore a new sport? Or experience the thrill of kayaking in rushing waters and high waves? Then there are some kayaking tips for women you need to know beforehand! Does the prospect of sports on water terrify you? As intimidating and scary as it looks, kayaking is not … Read more

The Essential Kayaking Gear Checklist for Beginners

Ready for your first kayaking trip? Kayaking is indeed a fun way to explore the great outdoors and improve your fitness. Not only that, but you can also paddle your heart out in any body of open water! However, before you go kayaking, it is best to be fully prepared. Make your … Read more