Jose Jimenez – The Undisputed King of Ranchera-Mariachi Music

Jose Jimenez

  Introduction to Jose Jimenez Jose Alfredo Jimenez was a Mexican singer-songwriter who became one of the legendary singers in the ranchera-mariachi style.  He was particularly active from the 50s music scene until his death in the early 1970s. Although he didn’t have any formal musical training, Jimenez nevertheless had a prolific … Read more

The Story and Music of Freddy Fender

Freddy Fender

  Introduction to Freddy Fender Freddy Fender (born Baldemar Garza Huerta in 1937 – died in 2006) was a Mexican-American singer and musician whose songs were crossover hits during the 70s music scene. Born in Texas to a Mexican father and American-born mother, Huerta made his first public appearance at age 10, … Read more

Mexican Beers

Mexican Beers

Mexico has been the leading exporter of beer all over the world since 2010. It surpassed the products exported by Holland, Germany, and Belgium. Most people associate Mexico with “cerveza” beers that cover a variety of styles and taste of beer. Mexican beer became so popular that other companies try to make … Read more