Can I Get a Mortgage on a House That Has Been Underpinned?

Mortgage on a House That Has Been Underpinned

Yes, you can. The question is, why would you want to do this? If the house hasn’t been damaged by subsidence, it may be cheaper to repair the original damage rather than go through all the expensive hoops that come with underpinning to have a new mortgage in place. Again, you’ll probably … Read more

3 Things to Know About Digital Mortgage Website and Process

Digital Mortgage Website and Process

Digitalization has shifted the provision of services from manual to online. Most users that benefit from digital services do not understand the entire concept. The primary understanding is that it allows online application. Well, that is true, but there is more to digital mortgage website and process among other online services. The … Read more

5 Tips for lowering your mortgage payment

mortgage payment

Owning your own house is a really big milestone for almost all adults. It is probably going to be the most expensive investment anyone can make. But there are times when the burden of paying for your mortgage may be too much. It may be because you have a sudden emergency like … Read more