The Weirdest Baby Names in History

Silhouette of mother and baby against a sunset

Naming a newborn baby is every parent’s business – unless otherwise wholly unacceptable to the law or the society. Most parents usually go for the familiar, classic baby names, while some would christen their babies with the most trending names right now. And parents who want to be a little more adventurous? … Read more

Oldest Known Names in the World

Oldest Known Names in the World

Names are one of the ways to distinguish or identify a person from another person. Imagine the difficulty of calling someone or something by a long list of an adjective. It wouldn’t sound pleasant and concise if you ever call someone like ‘the girl in blue,’ or perhaps something like ‘hey,’ all … Read more

Famous people who changed their names and why

What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot actually. For those who seek fame and fortune, some names just don’t sound right. Whether it’s actors and actresses who adopt a stage name that looks better in lights, inventors or designers who feel a better name will help with branding; even royals have … Read more